Cute Pet Contest: The Finalists

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Voting for our cute pet contest has now closed and a winner has been crowned! See the finalists, below...

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  • Cute Pet Finalists: Noddy

    "Noddy came home with us when he was a month old, a tiny white bundle, separated from his mother for the first time, and immediately connected to my mother first. He would follow her around with his little feet and try to play amongst the folds of her skirts. The first night he was missing his mother and squealed his way through, but from the next night onwards, he was at home in his new home and made friends with all of us, giving us loving licks and nuzzles all the time! Cuddling him was the best part of our day. Now he is a year old and the best part of coming home for us is to be greeted by him, his kisses and his sheer energy and enthusiasm to see us. Such a joy!"

    - Sanchita

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Theo

    "Theo is super cute as he is always smiling, he protects me from mice and cats and he agrees with everything I say! What more could a girl ask for?"

    - Natalie

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Algernon

    "He is a little dog with a very big heart and lots of fluff. You can't help but love him!" - Charlotte Wills

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Aslan

    "Aslan is a named after the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan is a tiny version of him but with all the love and charm, and of course the mane. He is the cutest."

    - Michelle

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Basil

    "Basil Pug is an elderly statesman, a dashing and refined gentleman. He is rather an old boy now and is almost completely grey, we like to call him the Clooney of the pug world! He is charming, loyal, protective, a little bit intense and can't fail to put a smile on your face. He enjoys dressing up in seasonal costumes, Halloween is his favourite, and likes to indulge in a bit of bling now and then."

    - Jasmine

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Bear

    "Because he has no concept of personal space and likes to be as close to me as possible at all times. I wake up every morning to his giant fluffy face an inch away from mine, which is a great way to start the day!"


  • Cute Pet Finalists: Berlioz

    "Just look at him! Everyone loves his little beard!"

    - Katie Forman

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Captain Oats

    "The hair is the best and you've got to love her little ginger explorer's moustache." - Charlotte Fellingham

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Chubby

    "My Pet is the cutest because he loves cuddles and follows me wherever i go around the house. He even does the 'sad puppy dog eyes' when he wants some food! He always makes me smile and loves all the attention he gets when we go for walks! The best way i can describe him in 5 words is loyal, funny, adventurous, cheeky and CUTE!!!"

    - James Richardson

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Coco

    "Eliciting squeals, fluffy, palm-sized and smaller than a Sky TV remote, how could she possibly NOT be the cutest? She's realised how highly her cute factor ranks, though, and now greedily performs to audiences." - Alena Walker

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Custard

    "This is Custard, he's a very wise little man. Constantly lounging on his back & teaching the other dogs things their mothers missed out, maths & whatnot. When he's off duty he enjoys a good tummy tickle & a swim in the pond." - Rose

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Dexter

    "Aslan is a named after the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan is a tiny version of him but with all the love and charm, and of course the mane. He is the cutest."

    - Michelle

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Flo

    "Because see her wagging tail when i open the door after a long day at work can't be beaten!"

    - Flo

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Frank

    "Because he's THE most adorable cat you'll ever see, he's always following his owner around the house craving attention... and he's certainly not camera shy :-)" - Zoë Gibbs

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Gizmo

    "Just look at his angry cute little face! He may look like a Gremlin but is the sweetest little man." - Becky

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Toby

    "Toby is the cutest chocolate labrador because he has a gorgeous loving personality, is always excited to see you and brings a smile to your face"

    - Helen Rolfe


    "Because he is so fluffy, bashful and the one thing he loves most in the world is a cuddle! How can you say no to him?!" - Alice Hall

    You've voted Henry the cute pet champion of this contest, with 275 votes in total - congratulations Henry!

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Hugo

    "Hugo the African Pigmy Hedgehog is the cutest pet because when I get in from work he's always waiting for a surprisingly unspikey hug. He loves to watch Mad Men from he's very comfy Cath Kidson mug and also loves a swim around the bath tub. And there's nothing he likes more after a hard day sleeping than having a good nibble on his favourite snack – mange tout!" - Laura Harrington

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Lucifer

    "Lucifer is the cutest pet because despite being named after the devil she greets me every day when I get home from work purring constantly until I make a big fuss of her :) Coming home wouldn't be the same without her there....Plus she is only the size of my glove!" - Lisa Shadafza

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Mabel

    "Mabel isn't just a pretty face, she is a big ball of adorable fun with a cheeky personality. Her favourite things are resting her head on your shoulder during a cuddle or chasing the chickens around the garden." - Ezetie

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Ruby

    "he's a little devil child and you'll always catch her doing something she shouldn't be! She's the boss :o)"

    - Ben Abbott

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Rufus

    "He runs around you in circles and likes having his head stroked. When you take your hand away, he makes a snuffly noise and lifts his head for you to carry on, aww." - Hannah Meehan

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Snow White

    "This little baby is full of cuteness, she likes sitting by the radiator and have her snooze, she snores a little. When she is done with that, she hops around the house, sniffing at things, making her way upstairs, looking for me and will nudge me if dinner is late! She won't move an inch when her head is being stroked. She is also full of cheekiness and surprises." - Sarah Cheung

  • Cute Pet Finalists: Sooty

    "Because he's tiny!! at 7 years old he's still pretty much the same size as when we had him at 10 weeks. As an old many he has tiny little legs which support a bit of a middle aged spread and his ears never grew from when he was a baby :-) He kisses on request and is well and truly a ladies man, kissing us girlies on the lips. In fact he is a true tart! But don't be fooled by the cuteness and kisses, underneath he is a monster and a business mastermind, he has an army of of squirrels and robins which frequent his garden and bar (the conservatory...) to see him and he is a master of escapology. Handbags and shoes are all to be eaten, the washing pulled over and the candles eaten... a wolf in lambs clothing indeed.... but he's so cute!!!!"

    - Jenna Chambers

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Taran

    "Taran was a rescue kitten, but was named Taran (or thunder in Welsh) because of his larger than life personality. He adores being stroked and is very much a people-cat. As you can see, he's equally happy posing for pictures!"

    - Gemma

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Teddy

    "Teddy is the loveliest boy in the world. He is like a cheeky beautiful cloud. He is so happy to be alive and excited by everything and everyday. His favourite hobby is to have a big long hug and to roll on his back and have his tummy stroked. I have honestly never had the company of a better little boy than our Ted." - Rona Harding

  • Cute pet Finalist: Timmy

    "Timmy was the only ginger kitten in the litter, given birth by his previously abandoned mother. Timmy is a special little boy full of fun and playfulness.We lost our old cat to a tumour a few months before, so Timmy has brought life into the household again. He loves to pounce on his siblings and snuggle under the duvet when you are sleeping. Timmy loves to force himself and push his siblings out of the way when feeding from his mother. Timmy is a bundle of joy loved by everybody." - Kim

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Minkie

    "Minky is the cutest because she fits in the palm of my hand. At only 4 weeks old she already brings so much to my life and has already filled the huge void that has devastated my family since we lost our loyal springer Samuel last year. I Just love her with all my heart." - Emma Garner

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Aubrey Beardsley

  • Cute Pet Finalist: Muse

    "She is a real toy pet! Muse loves to play and sleep in our bed. She keeps following me around everywhere! Little puppy in Kittens body."

    - Erika

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