Does my beak look big in this?

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Australia Fashion Week is just a few days away, but this group of geese are hoping to muscle in on the act with their very own fashion parade.

ABOVE: Here comes the bird... erm, we mean bride!

Dressed up in the latest styles, the geese took to the... birdwalk to entertain visitors at a country show in Sydney.

ABOVE and BELOW: The geese working the Far Eastern trend at this year's Duck Show

According to their owner Brian Harrington, who has run the Family Duck Show for the past 30 years, these trendy geese have an “ever-changing wardrobe with the latest fashion styles,” he revealed. Going on to say that “if they were human, they would be on top money.” We’re sure Kate and Naomi are quaking up at the thought of it.

ABOVE: Keeping up with other fashion shows, the geese ended their parade with the customary 'bridal' look

Picture credit: Rex