Hairless cat + fashion-loving owner = This

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Meet Gina - the cat with a bigger wardrobe than you.

The sphynx cat breed may not be appearing in any McVitie's ads anytime soon, but for one feline mother-and-son duo from Dublin, fashion is more important than fluff and fur.

Gina modelling a Pringle-esque number

Sphynx cat Gina and her son Prince Charming belong to Zivile Useckaite, who designs and makes them jumpers, cardigans and hoodies. Yes hoodies.

Ready for the catwalk

"They need to be kept relatively warm as they have no fur to keep warm," she reasons. "They are wearing clothes all year round: in the winter to keep warm and in the summer to prevent sunburn."

You beauties? Gina and her son Prince charming model their custom-made jumpers-come-onesies

Zivile has 10 sphynx cats, which are known for their extrovert behaviour. Fittingly, they're regulars at the feline equivalents of Fashion Week and have won prizes for their, er, beauty.

They may look stand-offish, but sphynx cats are warm to touch - if you wanted to

"Prince charming got his name as he was born on the same day as William and Kate's child Prince George," Zivile adds, "So he has a right to be fussy about what he wears."

Zivile Useckaite with one of her 10 - yes, 10 - sphynx cats

Not sure about cat clothes? This is the alternative

Words: Anna Pollitt. images: Rex Features


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