If Starbucks did cats

They may have a reputation for being aloof, but friendly felines are the main attraction at quirky cat cafés in Japan.

Catering for those that can’t have pets at home, the cat cafés allow patrons to drink coffee and relax in the company of a group of felines, with visitors even able to bring toys to help smooth the relationship with their new furry friends.

Despite the mission to create a big human-animal love-in, cats can’t help but be cats – as a one cat café’s website revealed in hilarious detail after a quick run through Google Translate.

A few of our favourite moggy profiles from Tokyo’s Cat Café Neko no Mise via Google Translate include Cat Wolf Thick Tea: “Leader to reign over the shop cat. Smart smart, but may look cumbersome, unfriendly to humans.” Cat Koume: “Of popular cat quietly rust. Ugly voice. Belligerent attitude. However, plenty of charm and stroke.” And the resounding favourite, Cat Gorbachev Floating: “Russian Mafia. But the total kill some no matter how you look at it, good-natured millionaire rarely actually does not get angry.”

A definite case of lost in translation.

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Picture credit: and Cat Café Neko no Mise