Is this the world's saddest kitten?

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Step aside Grumpy Cat , there's a new kitten in town ready to take the place of your internet reign: Purrmanently Sad Cat.

The down-in-the-mouth kittie is owned by Ashley Herring, 21, from New Orleans, and is part of a litter from her cat, who had recently given birth.

Ashley only noticed the creature looking sad when her and her roommate were watching the kittens learn how to walk:

"She was waddling around and we looked at her and both just went Oh. My. God. She looks so depressed! Perma-sad face! I decided to call this one Purrmanently Sad Cat."

Nick-named PSC for short (what else?), she then decided to take a picture and share it with friends and it then became an internet sensation: " I put it up on the internet one night when I couldn't sleep, just for a few laughs. Didn't really expect her to become so popular!"

But, she adds, there is no reason for PSC to look so forlorn as "she is very healthy and well taken care of."

In fact, Ashley says the kitten lives the life of luxury:

"She attacks my toes from under the bed, chews on fingertips, follows my dog around, and picks on her siblings! And she is actually a very happy kitten despite her facial expression! She is currently cuddled up on my shoulder with her sister and one of her brothers taking a little cat nap! It's raining right now and she doesn't like thunder."

(Images: Rex Features)