Is this the world's most obliging dog?

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It's a simple premise and a brilliant one. A new book celebrates the dexterity and obliging nature of a sweet-tempered coonhound. Maddie on Things shows Maddie the dog accompanying her owner on a year-long trip across the US doing what she does best: standing on things. The resulting Instagram photos are a heart-warming tribute to the companionship of man's best friends, in all their quirkiness. Not to mention the grace and patience of Maddie herself. Grab yourself some Friday cute with a look at some preview photos, below...

Maddie on Things A Super Serious Project about Dogs and Physics By Theron Humphrey, Published by Chronicle books, £10.99

  • Maddie on a fridge

  • Maddie on shopping trolleys

  • Maddie on a swing

  • Maddie on a skateboard

  • Maddie on a basketball net

  • Maddie on a bike

  • Maddie on a bird box

  • Maddie on a toy car

  • Maddie on the Statue of Liberty

  • Maddie pushing a trolley