New home gym adverts show cute kittens working out

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When we work out, we're not really that bothered about how we look. Well, we're not that bothered about our appearance. We know we're going to be looking less that our most beautiful because we get all red-faced, and we made our peace with that a long time ago.

Having said that, if Leonardo DiCaprio was walking down the street after we'd just been to a spinning class then perhaps we'd think otherwise, but for now, we can handle looking like a sweaty mess.

But while we might not look so hot, did you know that when kittens work out, they look even cuter than normal? OK, so kittens don't actually go to the gym and do classes like pilates or kettle bells, but if they did, it would probably look like these incredible pictures.

Created for the fitness gym brand Evdefitness, by agency GODE these images of felines flexing were used to promote their new Evdefitness’ home workout routines.

In the images you can see the little cats flexing and throwing shapes. Now, if only we had a kitten to help us exercise we might go to the gym a bit more.


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