Show-jumping bunnies take flight

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A rabbit's role during Easter is generally limited to looking cute, either in real life or Lindt form.

All kudos to these sprightly bunnies, then, who are breaking out of the stereotype to showcase their athletic prowess.

With bright eyes and paws akimbo, they're giving the average Olympian some food for thought at the Easter Steeple Chase In Prague.

The annual event sees rabbits compete to see how many miniature hurdles they can clear. Scroll down to check out our favourite hare-raising action shots.

Judging by his expression, this portly competitor is taking the contest very seriously

It's not a flawless manoeuvre but luckily this brown-haired jock has a helping hand

Bar down! But will it cost him the competition?

This black and white chap springs into action. Fine form, sir!

A bunny hopping veteran, if ever we saw one. Check those moves.