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We've been inundated with entries for our Cutest Pet Competition and impressed by the adorable nature of the nation's puppies, kittens, rabbits and, er, lizards. We've also been impressed by the imaginative names you have given your animals ( 'Panthero'? 'Christmas Face'? 'Aubrey Beardsley' the rabbit?! Amazing.)

Here's the second batch of entries. Our Cute Pet Contest is now closed - stay tuned for details on how to vote for the winner.

See all of our entries here

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Akiko

    "I work from home as i have MS. She is my best friend in the world, keeping me company all day and making me smile. She's only 5 and still such a cute little girl! I don't know what I''d do without her! xxx" - Amanda Brown

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Henry

    "He is a miniature long haired dachshund and all he ever wants is cuddles and being picked up. He is most happy when he is curled up on the sofa with you or playing fetch. When he runs though his little ears flap up and down which makes him look a bit like Dumbo trying to fly!" - Chloe Peart

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Zena

    "She's so cheeky! Her favourite game is to sit on our older dog, Indie's, head. No idea why - she just climbs on there and chills out!" - Abigail Challenor

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Buns

    "He's house trained (and office trained!) - My daughter takes him to work with her and everyone looks forward to seeing his chubby cheeks!" - Kooi H Young

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Brooklyn

    "Brooklyn spends his days lounging in the sunshine of my shop window. Not a shopper goes by without spotting him and smiling - who could resist his handsome face?" - Sarah Connelly

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bill

    "Bill is a 13 year old Golden Retriever, blind in one eye, deaf and had a curly tail like a piggy! He is without a doubt the cutest, funniest and loving pet i have ever come across. His terrified of the cat, scared of his own shadow and just wants cuddles all the time! However as you can see by his pic always has a big smile on his face! Please vote for him, his old and wants to see Paris whilst he still has one eye left ;)" - Zoe Bayfield

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bella

    "Bella was our gorgeous lop eared dwarf rabbit. She lived in the house (she thought the outside was for commoners) and liked nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa for head strokes. Her favourite hay is mixed with dandelion heads and she likes her hut dusted with lavender scented wood shavings. Her most embarrassing fact is that she likes to be stroked by peoples feet rather than their hands. Yes it’s just weird. Bella actually passed away a few months ago so this is all in memory of our little gray face." - Claire Hawdon

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Indiana Jones

    "I reckon Indy is the cutest dog in town because he wins hearts wherever he goes. Walking down the street at home in London you often hear 'Hi Indy!' from random passers by (nobody knows MY name). Someone has even pulled over whilst passing in their car just to say hi and get a cuddle, he is always happy to oblige being super affectionate by nature. From toddlers to local cabbies and people who were previously frightened of dogs he has fans all over the place suggesting he is the cutest pet around!" - Amy Jones

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Algernon

    "He is a little dog with a very big heart and lots of fluff. You can't help but love him!" - Charlotte Wills

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Reese

    "Reese works hard for a living, manning the reception desk at my boyfriend's gym and providing a very special welcome for our members." - Lindsey Clegg

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Noah

    "Noah has the softest fur you have ever felt. He has a pastry tail that is curled to perfection! He has tiny ear flaps which bob up and down when he runs along. He really is the cutest! :)" - Jenny Wiscombe

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Sascha

    "Sascha is totes the cutest! She is so beautiful and in this picture she is completely working the look! Sascha is like a mini person, she is very in tune with people's moods and can be very soppy at times yet also hyperactive and mischievous. She has seen us holding our cat and at times she thinks she is a cat as she copies his mannerisms and likes being picked up and held even though she is 2 years old and quite heavy. She loves my Mum and sits by the door when she goes out until she comes home. When she has been naughty she hides on this chair behind the front door and curls herself up into a tiny ball hoping we won't notice her, looking very sheepish yet adorable. She is a great companion and if she has puppies she will make a great mother." - Olivia Halsall

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mario Lazeenie

    "He's cute because he's a little ball of fluff! and he loves cuddles!" - Holly Smith

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Aubrey Beardsley

    "Aubrey is a blue Netherland Dwarf rabbit with a penchant for Gossip Girl marathons and a hatred of public transport. She loves being the centre of attention at parties and is known as 'Little Ears' in informal company. Her inimitable fluffiness, stubborn disposition and tea-cup size make her the perfect and cutest companion!" - Ava Szajna-Hopgood

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Avabelle

    "Avabelle is a part-time model and has already done photoshoots with a DJ from New York and featured on Channel 4's Live with Gabby, Come Dine with Me and been in The Mirror. I live alone with her so she's my constant companion and is a good judge of character - that's why I take her on my dates with me!" - Francesca Sawyer

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lister

    "Lister is the cutest because hes small and spikey and waddles when he walks :)" - Georgina Bean

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tess

    "Tess was my companion for over 16 years sadly she is no longer with me but I carry this photo everywhere I go. She's missed dearly." - Rachael Sturton

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: George

    "She's too small for words but doesn't realise it....." - Clodagh Latimer

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bow

    "She is so cute because, when she wants to wake us up she will put her paw on our face and then pretend to be sleeping as if she is completely innocent!.... she loves cuddles on the sofa (as you can see) and will snuggle her way into any gap." - Jemma Wright

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Peppy

    "Peppy is adorable! She has always had a strange affection for sinks and whenever you can't find her, it's a pretty sure bet that that's where she'll be!" - Emma Miles

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Dexter

    "Dexter is a little person in a dog's body. The pattern and colouring of his fur helps give him a fantastic pair of eyebrows which I am adamant that he uses to create human-esq expressions to manipulate me into giving into his every whim! He is full of character and is at his cutest when reclining on the sofa, back on the cushions, legs dangling like rabbits paws, chillaxing, like a human!" - Sarah Berryman

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Myrtle May

    "As well as being gloriously soft and gentle natured, Myrtle can wrap anyone around her little paw in order to get what she wants. We don't own Myrtle May, Mrytle May owns us!" - Jenny Brown

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Christmas Face

    "She climbs like a ninja around her cage and can even hang off the top with one hand! And because she has a face like Christmas!" - Alex Heath

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Maggie May

    "Maggie May is a manic little border terrier puppy! She's so manic, in fact, that we call her 'Psychopup' about as often as we use her real name. We think she should've been born a fish instead of a dog, because whenever she sees a pool of water - whether it's a puddle, a lake, a river or even a swamp - she can't wait to jump in. Fortunately, she's a strong swimmer!" - Jennifer Minchin/Daniel Adams

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Thurso

    "Cause he is a little french bulldog, who loves to be cuddled all day." - Nicolette

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bill

    "Bill moved in with us when he was seven weeks old and almost immediately fell ill with cat flu. In the photo he is 11 weeks and properly on the mend. His left eye was quite badly affected, but he is a real fighter and his sunny outlook must have helped him recover - he never stopped playing and being wild man Bill! Here he is helping me with my flower still-life; now still-life with flowers and very cute kitten. Look at that little face! That little paw! He is our best boy Bill and we love him to bits. And we are very grateful we still have him." - Nynke Wierda

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mischa

    "Mischa is a beautiful gorgeous Siberian White Husky who is always up to mischief. But when she looks at you with those big brown eyes you can never stay mad for long. Too cute!!!" - Elisa

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bertie

    "Bertie is a very naughty dog but he can get away with everything because he is so cute! We are currently training him to retrieve toy pheasants in preparation for when he grows up to be a big dog but you can't look at Bertie without smiling." - Evie Martell

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: MollieCat

    "I gave MollyCat her 'forever' home by adopting her, aged 9 years old from the brilliant Mayhew Animal Centre, she had a chequered past of abandonment and mistreatment. Two years on, each day she suprises me by becoming more loving and comfortable. As she' s been rescued, she's a bit of a scaredy cat, and every time I eat from my Liberty cat head shaped egg cups, she growls and hisses at them, bless! She's not really a meow-er but the cute little chirrups she makes when she see's me lets me know she loves me and makes her sounds slightly like an ewok... My favourite cuddle times with MollyCat are when I sleep, she walks up my back giving me a mini-massage and sleeps across my shoulder blades purring in my ear! She really is an odd, cute little cat, and I love her dearly." - Laura Williams

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jasper Campbell-Munro

    "He's the cuddliest, happiest, most handsome and loyal man any woman/man could ever dream of!" - Marina Campbell

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lua Brian Siu Kei

    "Lua is the cutest because he plays by his own rules... besides being crosseyed birman, he can open doors by running straight into them..drink out of a glass without sticking his paw in... watches people shower (actually that is creepy) Lua also "sits" on command (for dreamies)..." - Rachael Marciniak

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bertie Rose

    "Bertie has more energy than any other Shih Tzu I have ever met; we should have called him 'Jumper' because his springy legs have seen him reach the most unexpected heights. When I first brought him home, I had to hide him in the bathtub for my 'anti-pets-policy' boyfriend to find when he came home. It was a risk, but I was 99% sure that he would let me keep Bertie; as his cute and adorably-loving charm is infectious and addictive. The best thing about Bertie is that he is very inquisitive; it’s a pleasure to watch him learn about the little world he lives in and a walk in the park with him could be enough to brighten up any one’s day, even when it rains!" - Charlotte Mary Rose

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Laila

    "She is a little darling and loves attention! So content playing with her little pink moo moo toy that she passed out underneath it! Too adorable for words!" - Navneeta Addy

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Daisy

    "This is Daisy, my gorgeous little Cocker Spaniel. Her super-sweet frown and soft, floppy ears make her the cutest pup around." - Holly

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Rolo

    "Here is Rolo looking very dapper in his bow tie before heading out to attend The CATFAs, the cat film world's premier awards event!" - Rowena Taylor

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Toes

    "Toes is so named because of his obsession with all things toes. Be them his or yours he can’t resist and his most fave thing is getting cosy on the couch! Oh and he's super chatty — i'm convinced we've had deep-and-meaningfuls through the medium of meow." - Lauren

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ralfie

    "Here is baby Ralfie at 3 months old on his first day in his new home! Poor little Ralfie in a new home with a new big brother Rolo on the prowl... look at his little face, who could resist?!" - Rowena Taylor

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bonnie

    "She's an old scottie dog (16 years old), with a penchant for knitwear. Or rather she puts up with my sister knitting her various outfits and putting them on her. She has sweetest demeanor, and the biggest brownest eyes that may you go Awwwwwwwww!" - Sarah

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lola

    "Lola is the cutest because she is a fluffy little bundle of laughs! She has more personality than most people I know and she's a lot cuter too. She has long, fluttering eyelashes and the sweetest nature! She's a real head-turner! It was almost impossible to choose just one photo of Lola but I think the one I have shows her cheeky personality...big fan of the wellies!"

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Max

    "Max is the cutest, most-loving dog a girl could ever wish for. He sleeps in the crook of my arm with his little paw resting on my hand, has the biggest, brownest eyes since Bambi and has the added benefit of the softest, fluffiest – but non-shedding – fur on the planet. The first night I ever stayed away from him, the confused little pooch picked up my electric toothbrush from its charger in the bedroom and carried it into the bathroom in his mouth. He was clearly hoping that if he did what I always did at night time, then he'd maybe find me in there. He melts my heart every single day – please vote for him!" - Isabelle

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Panthero

    "Panthero is the most animated kitten ever and very mischievous.... He has the best personality and is far from boring. This photo sums it up...I mean he is winking and giving a double talk to the hand. Plus he knows he is cute and tries to get away with being naughty." - Nelly (Nelufa) Akther

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Hugo

    "Hugo the African Pigmy Hedgehog is the cutest pet because when I get in from work he's always waiting for a surprisingly unspikey hug. He loves to watch Mad Men from he's very comfy Cath Kidson mug and also loves a swim around the bath tub. And there's nothing he likes more after a hard day sleeping than having a good nibble on his favourite snack – mange tout!" - Laura Harrington

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Gizmo

    "Just look at his angry cute little face! He may look like a Gremlin but is the sweetest little man." - Becky

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Twister

    "Because like many of us, he is getting older and more and more forgetful, shouting for dinner when he has just had it etc!" - Carol Gardner

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Oliver

    "He loves company and wants to sit with us wherever we are..." - Siobhan Draper

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Molly

    "You only have to look to see why Molly is the cutest. Blue eyes to die for :)" - Steve Thomas

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Freddie

    "He pulls at the carpet. He chews the wires. He put's his (whole) head into your glass of water. He poos on the rim of his litter tray (I picture him laughing when he does this). He eats too fast, throws it all up, then eats it again. He hides in the wardrobe under the bed and jumps out when you least expect it (having just watched CSI this is scarier than you think). He can't meow (he sounds like a Gremlin). BUT he sleeps in a ball by my tummy and kisses me on the nose every time I come home. Dreamy." - Samantha Bennett

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Whisper

    "Ever since she was born she's always been so cute, she growls at things that aren't there and makes weird noises in her sleep, she likes to give you kisses so softly on your cheek." - Natalie Lee

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Louie

    "I love my little Louie! When I got him, he was the runt of a litter of mixed breed Yorkie terriers and fit into the palm of my hand. Despite his little size, he's always been so bullish - in fact, he had a "territory marking" competition with our other dog, a bull mastif- so we kept him in diapers until he was housebroken. He looked absolutely ridiculous, but that's always been Louis - a goofball but so friendly and confident, you can't help laugh and fall in love with him." - Trish

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Edie

    "Edie is a lilac British shorthair. She is incredibly naughty and nosey and has developed this meerkat-style sitting on her haunches to see into boxes and food cupboards!" - Patsy Dunne

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Brody

    "Brody has an adorable face which has so much expression. he is an 11 week old Border Terrier who has melted the hearts of all our family and friends. Note he is also stylish puupy who happy sports a bandana!" - Alison Fox

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Daisy

    "Pretty paws, a smudgy nose and a habit of sitting on my chest with her paws round my neck." - Ana

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Monty

    "I can be having the worst day ever and he just gives me that really cute look and everything seems ok hes just got such a cute face and the biggest eyes ever." - Charlene Whawell

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Dexter

    "Because he's playful, loveable and naughty, and he's just like a human." - Olivia Demosthenous

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Archibald Israelsohn

    "Archibald is the light of my life! He's the funniest little thing, so loving and always ready for cuddles and licks. He rides to the office in a basket on my bicycle and always strains his lead to get in. He does a lap of honour round the office, greeting everybody, before racing to his bed. If anyone approaches him whilst in bed, he quickly manoeuvres onto his back for optimum tummy tickling. He makes everybody smile - I'm now used to almost everybody I walk past smiling down at my feet as he's irresistible! He's particularly loved by children and old people and it's always good to know he's brightened someone's day!" - Jo Israelsohn

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tabby

    "My cat is the cutest because she is a bit shabby. She was a rescue cat that we adopted and came to us a very scared little thing constently hiding - it was about 6 months before she would play with her favourite toys. The wrapping roll was an intant hit with her and she still plays with it 12 months on!" - Ruth

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Chilli

    "He's just got so much character, and must be part-human....he's also never grown up and is daft as a kitten." - Emma Craven

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Barney

    "My name is Barney 'bear' (primary nickname, there are too many silly names to mention here e.g. muffin - silly owners!) I am the most loveable springer spaniel pooch - as you can see by the way that I gaze at you adoringly. The reason why I am the cutest pet is because whenever you need to smile, I can promise instant laughter with my bum-wagging antics and naughty behaviour. But I promise you won't be exasperated for long because I'll just lie my cute furry head in your lap with these eyes and you won't be able to resist! I am also a good listener, and will always greet you at the door when you get home with sheer joy! I am the happiest puppy around, and want you to join in the fun of life with me too : ) Love from Barney xxx" - Emma

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mia

    "Mia is the cutest as she is a mini princess pom no matter where she goes she makes everyone smile and loves making people happy even though she may lick them to death :-) Just look at her she makes you smile x" - Lisa Patterson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Elvis Houdini

    "Little Elvis Houdini is a Jug (pug x jack Russell) who comes with me practically everywhere. From my studio to on tour with me. His wrinkly nose and curly tail are always causing people to stop and pet him. A perfect companion who loves to sun bathe and sleep with his hippo teddy." - Emma

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ben & Bailey

    "My two little Jack Russells are the cutest little bundles of joy, as everyday no matter what I look like, what I wear, what mood I'm in they don't judge, a dogs love is unconditional. They may chew the carpet, and my socks, but I couldn't be without them." - Emma

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Archie

    "Just look at him. Sunday afternoon's are all about hanging with this little treat...*butter wouldn't melt*" - Kathryn Wilson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Joey

    "Joey is a degu. Degus are loveable, intelligent and love munching on flowers and grass. Their tiny hands are too cute and they always move and pick up things with them. They can be very strong and can even move bricks with their teeth! Joey is great at leaping from her cage onto me or the table, and likes to snuggle in my hair. Joey is the cutest pet ever." - Claire Chin-Sue

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mabel

    "Mabel isn't just a pretty face, she is a big ball of adorable fun with a cheeky personality. Her favourite things are resting her head on your shoulder during a cuddle or chasing the chickens around the garden." - Ezetie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Oscar

    "I don't think many people have a miniature Leopard as a pet - although strictly speaking Oscar is a cat!" - Yiota Panayi Davis

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Fergie

    "By day hes a fun loving but naughty kitty with sharp claws (believe me I know!) and a taste for your bare feet (ouch!) But by night hes a cuddly, calm little cutie who just wants to get his bulbs down, as you can see!" - Louise Wilkins

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Phoebe

    "She is a real cutie pie, and is easily the most intelligent out of all of us in the household. This is a photo of Phoebe in a flowerpot. She jumped in there herself, and looks very comfortable in her 'office' . She has beautiful easy-going temperament and velvet soft fur. Yes, a most cute pusscat." - Claire Nicholl

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jakey

    "I don't think words are needed - look at that face!" - Nicola Woodings

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Charlie

    "His nickname is Chuckie, and when he gets haircuts he resembles a lamb. He loves being around people, and gets jealous if you're doing something and isn't giving him attention! When he is sleepy his eyes get big and doe like." - Leonie Hatfield

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jack

    "He just loves to hold his nose up in the wind! Although in the winter he prefers to dig his nose deep in the snow." - Kim van Berkel

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Samba

    "Samba is the cutest because she reaches out her arms to hug you! She actually does! She has this constant cute but naughty face!! She steals everything! Including a fifty pound note that she manged to get out of my drawer! She ripped it up into pieces!! As you will see in the picture, she has a thing for brushes! As Im a hairdresser and make up artist- this sure aint good!! I end up with half bitten hair and make up brushes to use on my clients! Shes a real character and cant take her anywhere without people going all gooey on her! When we go out- she tries to say hello to everyone! She is the most friendly little thing ever!!" - Giovanna Pasquariello

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Missy

    "Because her face looks like the worlds cutest beanbag!" - Kelly

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Squash

    "Squash cat is a friendly chap who enjoys playing with frogs (and sometimes bringing them into the house). He's partial to a bit of dress-up (see attached image) and he enjoys Ben and Jerry’s ice cream." - Jenny Mitton

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "Alfie is 8 yet he has never lost the joy of living, playing, mischief since he was a pup and it shows in his face." - Jane Newton

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Elvis

    "I went to a country show with my niece and nephew and there was a rabbit show, at the end of the show there were rabbits for sale. I pretended that we were interested in buying a pet rabbit so my niece and nephew could hold them, I spotted Elvis and he was the most gorgeous, cutest, fluffiest rabbit I had ever seen. I couldn't leave with out him!!! Elvis regularly snuggles up to me for cuddles, his personality is as cute as him!" - Philippa Nightingale

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Molly

    "Molly is one big, lovable ginger hairball." - Mandy Laws

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie and Annie

    "Alfie (left) is a Wheaten Terrier and Annie (right) is a Cockapoo. Their favourite walks are to the pub where they like to eat chips or crisps (they are not picky as to which)." - Sophie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Patrick Hercules

    "Patrick came to us as a little skinny malink, he only weighed 2 kgs when he should have weighed 5kgs, he has come on leaps and bounds in the last 2 years and we are honoured to own him. He is hilarious, he makes us laugh constantly with his antics, pulling and wrestling duvets and blankets in to place on the bed to make a feathery igloo, pushing remotes off the couch if they are in his area of comfort, whizzing about the house at great speed, getting overly excited about road trips then giving an oscar winning performance of how tired he is by snoring in my arms, his favourite place in the world is beside us, no matter if we are walking for miles or lazing on the sofa he is just delighted to be beside us." - Andrea Martin-Wright

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Holly

    "Holly is just like a big soft teddy bear with the most wonderful nature. She's 7 years old and only recently had her role as the centre of our world toppled by the arrival of our baby Charlotte. As you can see from our photo she needs a little cheering up (and a haircut)!" - Selina Herlihy

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Custard

    "This is Custard, he's a very wise little man. Constantly lounging on his back & teaching the other dogs things their mothers missed out, maths & whatnot. When he's off duty he enjoys a good tummy tickle & a swim in the pond." - Rose

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Minky

    "Minky is the cutest because she fits in the palm of my hand. At only 4 weeks old she already brings so much to my life and has already filled the huge void that has devastated my family since we lost our loyal springer Samuel last year. I Just love her with all my heart." - Emma Garner

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tootsie

    "Tootsie is a LADY. And crosses her legs. And likes to trot around with her tail in the air. And NEVER sniffs other pooches bums. And this is why she is CUTE." - Claudi

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Velvet

    "Cos he thinks he's a human! :D" - Claire Backhouse

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bailey

    "Just look at those eyes!" - Meaghan

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bella and Sadie

    "They are the cuddliest and sweetest doggies..." - Stephanie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Cuthbert

    "Cos hes fluffy he snores, and he sleeps on his back with his legs in the air." - Luke Foy

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tiggy

    "This is our cat Tiggy greeting a frog in our garden. She introduced herself and tried to shake the frogs hand. 'Hello, i'm Tiggy, how do you do?'" - Simon Maisey

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Aslan Simon Lilley

    "My cat is the cutest because he's just like a dog, he comes when you call for him. He also shows so much loyalty and love towards me. Even though cats are very independent I can count on little Aslan giving me a morning cuddle by rubbing his face on my cheek, an enthusiastic hello when he launches himself on my back when I'm working at the computer for some kisses and hugs and a very happy hello at the door when I come home from being out. He's one of my favourite things in the world and the best present I ever received." - Lilly Akseth

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Artemis

    "Arty is super cute. She likes to watch football on the TV, eat, dangle her paws in the bath, play with running taps, put toy mice on my bed when I'm in the office and chase shadows. Arty's favourite thing to do is to sleep in my bed - she pushes boys out of the way so she can put her head on the pillow and her body under the duvet. She is turning me into a crazy cat woman - she is part of the conspiracy theory." - Ilana Fox

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Slug

    "Slug is the cutest because he's way more gangsta than he appears (he's named after an American rapper and wears a "Notorious D.O.G." hoodie with a big gold medallion on it). He has two pet rabbits and loves to sit outside their hutch and whine at them to "play with meeee"! I think he's so cute, in fact, I even have a tattoo of his name on my wrist to remind me of his cuteness every day!" - Felicity

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jerry

    "Jerry is so playful and friendly, he is the cutest and we love him to pieces!" - Rhianne Ogilvie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Thompson

    "He is just the most caring pet, wants to spend evey waking minute with us & just wants to cuddle all the time." - Amanda Godwin-Jones

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Sausage

    "Sausage is the happiest dog you'll ever meet. She loves everyone and is excited about everything, but especially playing fetch, chasing sticks and great big cuddles!" - Louise Howells

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Wilma

    "Wilma is a puggle (pug x beagle) which is quite clearly the cutest breed of dog known to man! She loves giving kisses and climbing on your shoulder like a little parrot, and we're countlessly stopped by passers by when on walks because she's just so damn cute!" - Emily Jane Lathan

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Nigel Biscuits

    "Because he has MASSES of personality to match his gorgeous face, he lives for attention and can charm any non cat person into a fully fledge cat lover. And he has a double barrelled first name." - Sophia Owen

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bryn

    "Because he's the cutest and laziest dog around (here he is sunbathing!) and he's wonderfully scruffy!" - Florence Brown

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bucket

    "Despite having to contend with a very un-ladylike name, Bucket is the most beautiful cat in the world. She's stripy on top with a spotty tummy and changes colour from grey to ginger depending on the season. She completely rules the entire house (including two dogs) and loves fairy lights, jumping and always smells of fresh grass and bonfires..." - Hannah Thomas

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bailey

    "He is nearly 2 now but look at this gorgeous pic of my Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog Bailey. It is hard to believe that he was the last of the litter as nobody wanted due to him having a curl in his tail as a result of being born with a short tendon.. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and he has been the most loving, placid and affectionate dog I could have ever asked for :)" - Ceri Thomas

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Treacle

    "Treacle-Tart (Sweetheart) is the most laid back, loving dog in the world. This pic is when she was tiny. Now she is massive but will still try and curl up in a ball on my lap like she used to. The garden bench in the sunshine is her favourite spot and we compare her to a seal when she sunbathes!! Her mum, a black lab, was a rescue dog and her owners thought she was finally putting some weight on when they came down one morning to 12 bundles of fur! We have no idea what her dad was but it was obviously a breed with very long legs and a love of cuddles!!" - Hannah Thomas

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Nudge

    "Nudge is a 4 year old Minature Schnauser and is a much loved fantastic pet. She is very loving and is very much embedded as part of our family. She loves long walks and her favourite place is a sandy beach. She loves to pose for the camera and her long eyelashes prove she is adorable." - David Madeley