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Warning: This gallery seriously reduces work productivity, and may result in much ooh-ing and aah-ing.

To celebrate the launch of our Cute channel, we're challenging Stylist readers to an all-out cute fest, with the most adorable pet picture as voted for by you winning the owner an amazing three-night stay at luxury boutique hotel Castille Paris ( with transport provided by Eurostar (

We've already been inundated with entries, but thought it would be unfair to deny you of this much cuteness, so we've launched a gallery of all the simply adorable animal pictures we've been sent before voting starts, for your enjoyment.

Our Cute Pet Contest is now closed - stay tuned for details on how to vote for the winner.

See all the Cute Pet Contest Entries here

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ruby

    "She can even carry off dinosaur-chic..."

    - Beccie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Paisley

    "She is beautiful, and has the best patterns ever! And, she may be a cat, but she follows me around like a wee puppy, so cute."

    - Holly Calder

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Teddy

    "When you ask for kisses, kisses is what you will get. He thinks he is a fox and tries to play with all the fox cubs in the garden! When he needs food or wants to play he stands on his back legs and brushes his face with his paws! (MUST SEE) He is a total snob and thinks he is totally spoilt and beautiful-which he is!"

    - Megan Mallia

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tinto

    "Because he does his 'sudogu' every night before bed!"

    - Alice Bridges

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "Alfie is a 9month old cockapoo and is always happy and wearing a smile! here he is enjoying the breeze at ashton court estate in bristol. He also enjoys to play with other dogs he meets on his walks, and has a favourite pastime of chewing on plant pots!"

    - Sharon Jackson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Echo Echo

    "Because this picture shows Echo Echo rather upset at coming 3rd in a local pet competition and being beaten by a hamster"

    - Giselle Sommerville

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Justik

    "You just need to look at his face to see why I think he's the cutest. He is awesome. He has eyebrows and looks like he smiles. Noone would ever walk past him and not 'ahhhh'. Even a big burly man and that's a fact."

    - Adelya

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ted

    "Ted has slept on his back with his little legs sticking up in the air at odd angles since he was a tiny puppy and still does to this day! I have no idea how he finds it so comfortable..."

    - Josephine Hayes

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lola

    "Lola is a three year old Llewellyn English Setter who never comes when called, sneaks onto the sofa when no one is looking (even with muddy paws!) but despite this, always manages to win back my affections with this 'butter wouldn't melt' face."

    - Emily Jane Young

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Leo

    "Who said you couldn't be big and cute? My Leo is 47 kilos of soft, sleepy, adorable Labrador. He has the softest fur and an even softer temperament. He can sleep fpr days at a time and twitches when he dreams of chasing rabbits when he was a pup making little pup noises as he does. He loves his Mum and likes to eat cardboard boxes (egg-boxes are his fave). He's a true family man and will make sure everyone gets a good lick every morning as they wake up. He likes to bark at visitors but will always offer them a wag and a furry toy as a welcome. He can hold three tennis balls in his chops at once which must be a record too. He's not too excited by Christmas as you can see from this picture."

    - John Griffith

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tizer

    "Tizer is a 12-year-old Jack Russell-Corgi Cross. Otherwise known as a CoJack. He may not be puppy-dog cute, but he is still right up there with the best of them! I rescued Tizer from an RSPCA centre 18 months ago and I think he has a pretty good life now. He makes the most of having the flat to himself for most of the day by choosing to snooze on either one of the sofas or the chair and you can always tell where he's been by looking for the hot spot on the sofa where he's been lying when you get in. Tizer tends to win over everyone who meets him with his cheeky personality and waggy tail. Some friends of mine who kindly looked after him for me when I was at Glastonbury last summer were in mourning when he left them - they even missed the rat-tat-tat of his paws on the wooden floors first thing in the morning... The photo I am sending in is of Tizer travelling to Wales for Christmas, in first class. He is enjoying a G&T. Although I know that puppies are unbelievable cute, I nominate Tizer as a way of saying don't overlook the older guys when you're thinking of getting a dog. They can have great characters and can be brilliant company."

    - Sally

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Oscar

    "My pet is the cutest ever because he's a cheeky hyper little puppy at just under 9 weeks old! His mum is also the cutest ever but I think puppies are just so adorable! He already knows tricks and is so clever he's even toilet trained!"

    - Katie

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ziggy Stardust

    "If the picture didn't say 1000 words... i guess i must! My little lady is named after the alter ego of Mr Bowie ...the little flash of ginger on her face, (plus the fluffiest fluff you have ever had the pleasure of nuzzling) saw that no other name would be befitting! Regularly waking me up for work with a loud purr she has been the axis on which i spin for nearly three years (i think my parents actually purr-fur her to me!) She will gladly greet me at the door on my arrival home...and very vocal ...i love it! She loves chasing pigeons/squirrels in the garden, apples, creme fraiche and smoked salmon and snowballs ...actual snowballs! ...she really is a pampered puss! She's utterly loyal and proves it by supporting her mummy's day job; loving to sleep for hours in her Hudson Shoes box! Not great at chasing away spiders (from mars) ...but we're working on that!"

    - Ziggy Stardust

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lucy

    "She is still at over 12 years old just like a kitten and we love her to bits!"

    - Shanaugh Bliss

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Maya

    "Because she has the biggest ears known to dogs!"

    - Jon Ritson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Merlin

    "Rescued as a pup, Merlin loves people and to explore outside in all kinds of weather then take a snooze afterwards. He always wags happy to see visitors coming down the path and hopes they're bringing him some treats."

    - Fiona May

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Murphy

    "This is my baby girl Emma, who is the most cutish puppy ever, and constantly makes me laugh with her antics."

    - Sarah Williams

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Little One

    "It is Little One I am nominating for cutest pet (multi-colour). She is lovely, such a little bundle of fun and has a big personality!!"

    - Lauren Purdey

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Sadie Buttons

    "Sadie is our first Cavachon and completely adorable with it! She has the most beautiful eyes and will charm anyone into getting her own way. Such a happy little dog she cheers everyone up, even those who claim not to like dogs can't resist her, especially when she insists on massive cuddles. She also loves her specially knitted blanket and jumper!"

    - Rebecca Steinitz

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tilly

    "Because every dog adores her x"

    - David Bickford

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Taran

    "Taran was a rescue kitten, but was named Taran (or thunder in Welsh) because of his larger than life personality. He adores being stroked and is very much a people-cat. As you can see, he's equally happy posing for pictures!"

    - Gemma

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jasper

    "He is cute, loving and fluffy with big brown eyes."

    - Joanne Keane

  • Stylist Cute Pet Contest: Joop

    "He's as mad as a brush and loves attention! He's getting on a bit but still acts like a pup, playing with his favourite rope chew toy for hours until its destoyed. He had a wonky ear, due to a little accident he had when he was a pup, but it makes him look adorable"

    - Amy Schofield

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "Alfie is shy, easily spooked and very timid but loves to explore. He sleeps at my feet and wakes me up at 6am by scratching the wardrobe door very softly"

    - Chatarina Hedges

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bonnie the Westie

    "Bonnie the Westie has lots of admirers and a bubbly personality. Her most important role is visiting my elderly parents everyday and making them smile. She adapts to the seasons and all weathers, whether sunbathing in the hot sunshine or rolling in the crisp white snow.She is a character and we love her to pieces!"

    - Monica MacKinnon

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Marley

    "Marley is loving, funny and clever with a vulnerable side that he lets you see. I love him so much!"

    - Allison Coxon

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bert

    "Because Bert is modern. He doesn't like to wear just fur. He likes the state of the art Santa suit."

    - Anders Sundstedt

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Douglas

    "During the night Douglas jumps up onto the bottom of the bed, wriggles his way up under the covers and when I wake up he's always laying with his head on the pillow snoring like an old man. Cuuuuuuute!"

    - Katie Leahey

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bunty

    "No matter how old she gets or fat, how many socks she has chewed, shoes she has buried, newspapers she has annihilated, how many times she wakes us up by licking our feet then our face (always after the feet), no matter how many cups of tea she drinks, biscuits she steals, how many times she rolls in the ickiest things she can find possible at the end of the day and no matter how loud she really does snore, we just look at *that* little face and all is forgiven..."

    - Bunty Wilde

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Fudge

    "Originally a stray cat found in Gloucestershire, we took 'Fudge' in under our wing back in 2000. Ever since her move to Kent, she has loved her new home and greets all our neighbours every morning with her sweet meows and flirty 'look at me' cat walks. Always one for a cuddle and a summers stretch on the patio flooring- oh and a big fan of chocolate, but takes a disliking to fudge itself."

    - Leila Burke

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ivy

    "'Ivy' the lovely miniature Labradoodle pup is the cutest because she enjoys chillin' in plant pots by the river..."

    - Linda Taylor

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Le Puss

    "Everytime she does something naughty, she knows she'll get in trouble. All she'll do is give you those Puss in Boots eyes for a mere second, and you clean any mess, including broken vases, pairs of shoes in odd places all over the flat, forgetting it was the cat that did it. Works every single time."

    - Edita

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Basil

    "Basil Pug is an elderly statesman, a dashing and refined gentleman. He is rather an old boy now and is almost completely grey, we like to call him the Clooney of the pug world! He is charming, loyal, protective, a little bit intense and can't fail to put a smile on your face. He enjoys dressing up in seasonal costumes, Halloween is his favourite, and likes to indulge in a bit of bling now and then."

    - Jasmine

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bella and Bonnie

    "This is a picture of Bella (left) and Bonnie (right). They are sisters, even though they don't look anything alike! Bonnie was the cute but dim one who wanted to be cuddled by everyone, would wander off and would even lie in the road expecting cars to stop! Bella was the beautiful but clever one, who would wait by the door to scold and clean Bonnie, but was always so happy when she came back. When we moved house five years ago, Bonnie was hit by a car and died, which devastated Bella and us. My cats are the cutest in this picture because they look so fluffy, carefree and like they love each other so much."

    - Emma Cushing

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Flower

    "Flower is getting an old lady now, but she is so friendly and loving"

    - Julie Atkinson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bruno

    "Bruno is a big softee despite being huge in size. He is afraid of other dogs and especially afraid of our pet parrot, Timmy who has bitten him on the nose and ear when he has tried to take food from his beak! Such a cutie...."

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Katie

    "Because she's the sweetest, most well behaved pooch in the entire world and she's the prettiest chocolate Labrador you ever did see. Look at those eyes, they're staring into your soul!"

    - Sophie Westrope

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Buddy

    "Buddy is the cutest coolest dog around town....and is feeling the spring festival vibe in this photo."

    - Aislinn

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Berlioz

    "Just look at him! Everyone loves his little beard!"

    - Katie Forman

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Rowdy

    "Because he loves people so much (and Christmas dinner) that he's just adorably happy all of the time. Most of the time he looks like he's laughing!"

    - Samantha Deakin

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: JJ & Roxy

    "And they call it puppy love!" - Helen Tyler

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mittsy

    "Mittsy has one ear up and the other down, she is always playful and waits patiently for 10pm so she can run up the stairs to lay on my pillow all night." - Stewart Johnston

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bailey

    "Bailey is 1 year old and battled through two operations on both of his legs, although he LOVES running with his friends, he loves cuddles and resting under his warm blanket, he sleeps for hours and even snores very loud! He is the most funniest character in the world and very clumsy... but I wouldnt have him any other way!!!! Bailey is so special and I really hope he has a chance of being the cutest pet in the gallery :-) THANK YOU xxx" - Lisa-Marie Webster

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Rufus

    "He runs around you in circles and likes having his head stroked. When you take your hand away, he makes a snuffly noise and lifts his head for you to carry on, aww." - Hannah Meehan

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Salem

    He's naughty & he knows it but I can forgive him for anything when he gives me "the eyes" - Jennifer Bond

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Scarlett

    "Scarlett is so tiny and cute that you want to take her with everywhere in your handbag (Paris, take note: micro dogs are soo last year!" - Silvia Mariani

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lola

    "Well just look at her! Beautiful, naughty and absolutely adorable!" - Claire Smith

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tigger

    "A sense of adventure since he was a kitten, he lives up to his name, caught him at a weak moment here though!!" - Andrea Doherty

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Pippin

    "Pippin loves laying on her back and having her tummy rubbed, she is sooo cute!" - Ben Andrews

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Huxley

    "Huxley is the cutest cat, he loves going for walks on his lead, especially in the snow." - Daisy Bryan

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "This picture was taken on Christmas Day 2011. Alfie (2 year old Yorkshire Terrier) isn't allowed in the kitchen or near people when they are eating, but the family were all so busy getting the dinner ready that we didn't even notice him sitting at the kitchen table, ready to be served turkey with the all the trimmings!!!" - Chelsea Charles

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Elvis

    "Elvis is a girl Chihuahua with a big attitude. She's the little dog with massive personality who loves a cuddle, eat things she shouldn't and listen to some metal. Takes cuteness to a new level!!" - Gillian Docking

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Coconut

    "Coconut is adorable and impossible not to love; relentlessly cheerful and always wagging her tail!" - Louise Murphy

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Betty

    "Because she's clever and cute!" - Sophie Millward

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Lucy

    "Lucy is the loveliest and friendliest cat you could ever wish for! She loves everyone she meets - even children." - James Sanders

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jackson

    "This is Jackson having a snooze. He's a bit bigger than this now, but just as adorable! He steals anything you leave lying around. And he gives high fives!" - Laura

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Wellington

    "Please allow me to introduce to you Wellington Williams-Christy. I have had Wellington since he was a beautiful little (yes even smaller than he is now) puppy. From the moment I laid eyes on Wellington I could not resist his dark brown, large, eyes. He took one look at me and me and those eyes just screamed 'choose me'. How could I resist!! And from that day on I keep on not resisting. Wellington is the most cutest, cuddly, sensitive, loyal little doggy. I love him from the bottom of my heart and all that meet Wellington just adore him, just as I know you will if you were ever to meet him. Which I truly hope that one day you will. So PLEASE take a good look at my little boy and I hope you see what I see every morning that I awake to find him looking up at me with those loving, loyal eyes." - Sacha Williams

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "My pet is the cutest because he is beautiful! I have never seen such a cute cocker spaniel before. He is cuddly and his fur is softer than teddy bears! He cuddles up to me when I'm sad, literally licks away my tears and is the ultimate best friend(unless he's pinching one of my socks)! He puts his paw on my foot to be picked up and cuddled and we watch the world go by outside and then go for a walk where he run's around and plays fetch. I would challenge anyone to find any dog cuter than my lovely boy!" - Sarah Daly

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mavis

    "More like a little pug or a toddler than a cat, Mavis craves company and tries her best to talk. As for why she is the cutest - just have a look at the picture!" - Karen Nagle

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Basil & Hillary

    "Because they whisper sweet nothings to each other!" - Meg Lucas

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Caspar

    "Because he has a long pointy nose and is literally Mans best friend. He would do anything and be anyones friend.... for a sausage!" - Kathryn

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mr Ted

    "As I type he is trying to wiggle himself between me and the laptop! Mr Ted is the sweetest and funniest dog - his favourite toy is his Chanel (Chewnel) handbag! This picture was taken at a fashion shoot - he was the model - he's wearing £250,000 of David Morris diamonds!!!" - Sarah C

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Benji Evans

    "Because not only is he cute, 'great & small' (as his collar reads), Benji has been a faithful and loving companion for my Dad during his chemotherapy treatment for Myeloma. I defy any living being to provide a more cheerful, excited and hopeful welcome home than our little family woofer! If Benji should be voted the winner by Stylist followers, a trip to Paris would be wonderful treat for my Mum, who like Benji, is always at my Dad's side and who probably deserves her own cute channel! A future feature for Stylist maybe?!" - Katy Evans

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jim Bob

    "This is a picture of Jim bob at his first dinner party, he is 10 months old (he's a Morkie) and he behaved very well..." - Helen Cairns

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Benji

    "small cuddly and loving and lapdog." - keren mary curran

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bella (The Dog) and Dave (The Tortoise)

    "How often is it you get to see a German Shepherd play nice with a Tortoise?!" - Paul Cooper

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jazzie

    "Luckily for us, Jazzie is 18 so we have had many years of happiness with her. She is a beautiful companion, loyal, loving and sweet. Everyone she meets falls in love with her gorgeous face, her range of quite human expressions and her sweet friendly nature. I love her to bits and hope you think she is cute too!" - Lyndsey Broadhead

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Wally

    "Wally loves nothing more than entertaining us with his Tommy Cooper impersonations." - Lori Darling

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Moomin and Bat Cat

    "My two boys are totally adorable and love each other to bit despite both being big grown up cats and not being related, they are often found snuggled up together!" - Jo Parker

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Benjy & Flo

    "Best friends, we got these two strays from the pound 2 years apart, but its like they were born from the same litter....they're inseparable" - Alison Reid

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Snuggles

    "A stray before he adopted us, Snuggles truly lives up to his name (initially given as a joke before it stuck!) He's the most affectionate cat who loves nothing more than cuddling up in bed and being made a fuss of." - Robyn McAllister

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Tommi

    "She just is. ;-)" - Linda Whitaker

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Gina

    Linda Whitaker

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Blackie

    "This is my friends cat its so cute it watches (corrie)" - Phil Simpson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "Alfie is a rescue dog whose elderly owner sadly passed away a couple of years ago...since coming to live with us, he is now part of the family and we couldnt imagine him not being around. Alfie is the most loving, loyal pet you could possibly wish for and is not content unless he is sitting right in the middle of me and my partner on the couch! Plus, he does the best 'puppy dog eyes' ever!" - Tara Farnham

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Princess

    "Princess is very aptly named. Even though she is a mere moggy she is as pretty as a princess & loves nothing more than to be positively pampered like one. When her twin brothers died recently at only 1 year old after being poisoned she was all I had left of them but she makes sure I still have cuddles all day & all night as she loves nothing more than to lay in my arms like a baby (even as I'm typing now). She has eyes that make my heart melt, green round the edges & blue in the middle & her big bushy tail gives her my pet name for her...Squirrel. She chatters to me all day long & I'm sure she understands what I'm saying as she always answers & always has the last word. Even if she isn't voted the cutest she will always be the cutest to me." - Liz Denial

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Freddie

    "Freddie has mastered the art of cute from a young age, and displays cute acts on a daily basis. From taking his cuddly meerkat toy wherever he goes, to jumping on command, he really has it all. Freddie is a rescued crossbreed, and believes everyone should adopt a dog." - Fran

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Skittles

    "Like all cats, Skittles loves to nap. So when things get a bit noisy in our house, he'll squeeze into any quiet spot he can find." - Alexandra Sheppard

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Fluffy

    "Fluffy is very similar to me in personality - completely crazy! He has the cutest little meow, which can be heard from the other end of the house. He is a people cat, loves fuss and attention, and will often curl up in bed with me. Fluffy IS the cutest cat around!!" - Cathryn

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Nora

    "Nora is the cutest cat as she jumps up on her back legs for your to pick her up and give her cuddles and attention. She follows you around everywhere and snuggles her head in to mine when im sleeping. She sleeps next to me every night and loves to snuggle." - Allisha

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Suki

    "Four year old Suki is a rescue Staffie-Cross who was used for breeding and then dumped on the streets, she was picked up by the pound and came close to being put to sleep before a rescue charity found her and brought her into our lives. Despite what she has endured she is a very happy, loyal and loving girl with a fantastic, vibrant, fun loving personality. A Daddy's Girl through and through, Suki likes nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa and having a tummy rub." - Helen Collins

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "He is the softest, most gentle pug with a heart of gold and a wonderful quirky, if slightly indignant personality. I run my own business and whether I am working from home, in the studio or visiting antiques fairs, AlfiePug is always by my side. Definitely a lover not a fighter and not one of life's big thinkers, the stubborn little pug has survived the following: 1) being run over (absolute miracle there were no injuries); 2) allergic reaction to a wasp bite; 3) chronic food-poisoning after eating a rotten potato 4) sank in the sea after chasing a big dog into the water; 5) had a nervous breakdown after meeting a hedgehog; and 5) he once ate an entire boursin cheese (stolen from the cheese board after a dinner party when no one was looking). He is a pair of slippers, a comfort blanket during scary films and each morning I watch him faithfully trot out to the bird table in the garden to check for fallen scraps. I love my pug. PS: This was a great idea!!" - Louisa Blackmore

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jasmine

    "Because she acts like a person and likes to surprise me by popping up in random places!" - Clare Gaba

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Biba

    "Biba is soooooo cute and very naughty, just look at her little white chest with all her tiger stripes!" - Rebecca Moyster

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Zack

    "Zack is very loving and cuddly..and is a really good frisbee player!" - Angelique Mercier

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Coco Chanel

    "Coco is the cutest dog, she loves to be fussed over, she sleeps on my head, and follows me everywhere." - Sharon Galliford

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Dave

    "My Dave is the cutest dog around because he always has enough love to share- never lets anyone go without a kiss and a cuddle. There is that cliche 'something' in those big brown eyes of his that melts away your bad day. His consistent cuddles and pure excitment at your mere presence makes you realise you're the centre of his world and he's so deeply devoted to you that his wiggling bum can't wiggle fast enough to let you know. Dave spoons you at night, gives you morning kisses and longs for you while you're away. There's nothing cuter than a dog that gives you lots to laugh about and lots to love." - Heather M

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Bob

    "Bob is a simple kitten. His great loves in life, in no particular order, are; Dreamies (cat treats); George West (my dad) and being stroked. In the style of Miss World Bob is beautiful in and out. Not only is his (incredibly soft) fur the most amazing grey/blue colour which his eyes perfectly coordinate with but he is also the most loving kitten ever. Bob thrives on affection and being generally adored and is incredibly gentle-we are not convinced he even understands what his claws are for...." - Lucy West

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Zen

    "Zen is the cutest cuddly dog with teddy bear ears when we take him for a walk everyone stops and asks what breed he is etc we love him and if you feel down he always makes you feel better." - Abigail Thomson

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Callie

    "Our new addition to our fanily `Callie` is a pomchi, she has to be the cutest puppy ever, shes 7weeks old in this photo, shes made us smile again after the death of our previous pet, love you Callie xx" - Karen Wilson-Goddard

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Mrs Pickles (the ginger one) and Jake

    "Mrs Pickles and Jake are absolutely adorable as, although they are both vehemently independent (as is befitting of any worthy cat!) and have characters that are poles apart, they do absolutely love each other to bits. As you can see from the photograph they enjoy snuggling up to each other in the smallest of places, making sure they both catch the most of the warmth of the Spring sun. I think the best caption for this photo is "Does my bum look big in this?!" - Kay Lundy

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ben

    "Because he looks just like a tiny teddy who has sprung to life." - Claire Holden

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Ruby

    "My pet is the cutest little thing, she mopes about with attitude in her face sniffling and grunting the whole time. Besides that she gives thee best kisses and really puts her back into it when giving them to me every night :) shes the best xxx" - Sophia Heneghan

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Slinky & Herbie

    "They make people smile whenever they see them." - Clyde Vellacott

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Jellybean

    "She is a pug who snorts, parps and adores her mummy! She sits like a lump and always wants to be near you. She has a wrinkly face, and a pink nose. She has hysterical comic timing, when she snorts the loudest! And she fights sleep, so often falls asleep sitting up like the attached photo shoes, that is until she falls over!" - Lindsay Crafts

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Molly

    "Molly's picture speaks for itself. A miniature schnauzer puppy, Molly definitley has youth on her side and is a natural in front of the camera! With a sweet and sensitive personality Molly has the ability to put a smile on even the most stony faced misery and if you're in need of a cheer up cuddle, Molly is always there! Molly will be moving to France with her mum and dad in May, but will be in London for cuddles in April, should the Stylist team want to check out her cute credentials for themselves." - Lucy Dowling

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Theodore

    "Theodore makes his embarrassing Christmas jumper look good." - Tara. Y

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Leila Bell

    "Leila is a very lazy cat that enjoys posing on pretty cushions for photos and always wants to be one of the girls when I have friends round. She will do absolutely anything to get a special cat treat and follows me around the around the house, where ever I go. Leila's favourite hobby's are watching birds through the window and being carried around in my handbag. It's a good life being a cat!" - Zoe Jones

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Sonny

    "Just look at that smile!" - Bethany

  • Stylist's Cute Pet Contest: Pip

    "Pip is the cutest thing in the world because he's not only ridiculously beautiful, but we have no idea what he is and he has to be the silliest & kindest doggie in the world. He pee's sitting down like a girl, prefers filtered water and when he's out walking his fluffy tail attracts passers by. Everyone loves him because he is just the cutest silly thing ever." - Alicja McCarthy


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