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Do you know those people who just ooze coolness? Sometimes it's the way they stand or the tone of their voice, but no matter what you do, you just can't replicate them? They're special. Well, we present you the cat equivalent.

You might be shouting, 'But, cats are the coolest of the animal kingdom anyway?' but we're not talking about your average cool cat. These felines have serious credentials.

Take the cat that casually returns a high-hive. Or how about the star of 'Petflix', who gives Orange is the New Black' a whole new meaning? And then there's the cat that dines with chopsticks...

Entertain yourself with our round-up of the six coolest cats out there.

The cat that high fives

As a young cyclist, Freddie, rides by on his bike he holds his hand up to Crystal the cat who is quick to return the gesture. The result is an an epic high five.

The shaded cats

In this video, a trio of cats sit in the sun with their shades on, just looking out onto the road, thinking about life.

The cat that dines with chopsticks

We love a kitten who knows how to eat her meal in style.

The high-flying cat

This cat lounges on the cockpit of what is presumably his owner's airplane.

The stars of Petflix

Tabby is the new Taylor Schilling. She's so great at capturing Piper Chapman, the lead character in Orange is the New Black, we want to see a second episode.

The hero cat

Of course, no cat is cooler than Tara, the feline that came to the rescue when a neighbour's dog attacked a little boy riding his bike in the driveway.

Have you stumbled upon any cool cats that could join this elite pack? Send us a link in the comments section below or on Twitter @StylistMagazine

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