Gecko licks his eyeball

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Why go to the well for water when you can lick your own eyeball?

That's certainly the thinking behind this little chap, who is showing off his sharp wit (not to mention contortional skills) by collecting moisture from his eye using his tongue.

While most of us strain in vain to touch our nose with our tongues (kids? us?), this web-footed gecko from the Namib Desert in Sub-Saharan Africa has no problem in stretching his mouth organ.

Geckos do not have eyelids, so use their tongues to keep their eyes moist and clean amid their dry, arid surroundings.

The lizards use their webbed feet to stay on top of and bury beneath the dunes of the Namib desert. They are very much nocturnal and their huge eyes allow them to spot prey, including crickets and grasshoppers.

When they emerge at night to feed, the tiny reptiles communicate using a wide range of noises, including squeaks, croaks and licks.

Their nearly translucent, pinkish skin tone provides ideal camouflage within the reddish-brown sands of the desert environment: however, this particular gecko seems happy enough to stand out from his surroundings and enjoy his moment in the limelight.


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