Tibetan Mastiff worth £1M

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It may be the start of London Fashion Week today, but this Tibetan Mastiff sports a mane that is probably far more high maintenance than that of most models on the catwalk...

Emperor the dog sports a coating thick enough to rival that of a bear's - but his looks do not come cheap.

The huggable pooch is currently on sale in China for an eye-watering asking price of 10 million Yuan (£1 million).

He is one of more than 1,000 Tibetan Mastiffs appearing at a two-day exhibition and trade show in Shijiazhuang in China's Hebei Province.

Most of the dogs are sold for around £100,500 - but Emperor is considered such a superior model, his value has shot up.

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog originating from the nomadic cultures of Central Asia. They have become status symbols in China, where they are regarded as holy animals, blessing their owners' health and security.

Enjoy the pictures of Emperor, above and below.

Photo credit: Rex Features