Tiny husky puppy is small enough to fit into a bowl but too small to get out...

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As the mornings become darker, and the weather grows chillier, getting out of bed can be a struggle. And this tiny puppy knows your pain all too well.

This adorable video shows a young husky puppy attempting to get out of a bowl he has decided to rest in. Being small enough to fit in a bowl is obviously cute enough. But when he decides that rest time is over and some more puppy hi-jinks are well overdue, then realises his fateful mistake of resting in a smooth sided vessel, things start to get really adorable.

As well as being too small to climb up the sides of the bowl, it seems like the puppy also isn't strong enough to knock it over and free himself. Eventually managing to stand up in the bowl, he still can't reach over the edge to get himself out.

What to do? Eventually his owner comes to the rescue, but not after watching him struggle with the slippery sides of the bowl for a good minute or so.

Huskies are known as strong, powerful dogs, pulling sleighs in the Arctic, so the tiny stature of this puppy makes the video even more adorable, as the puppy is rendered helpless by just a bowl. Choosing a perfectly symmetrical resting place can have its downfalls sometimes...

So next time you're fighting with the covers trying to encourage yourself out of the warm nest that is a bed in wintertime, think of how much more difficult it could be, and count your blessings.

Watch the puppy's fate below:

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