Top 5: cute animal clips

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From a dog that wants to play with a penguin to a duckling that thinks he’s Usain Bolt, these funny animal clips are sure to have you chuckling at your desk this Friday afternoon.

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Videos compiled by social video platform Unruly

1. Duck run

Quite possibly the Usain Bolt of the duck world, this cute little duckling is determined to keep up with its owner. We particularly like it when he breaks into a sprint and his little wings come out – adorable!

2. Baby Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park

Fun, games and plenty of falling over – say hello to three baby meerkats born at West Midlands Safari & Leisure Park.

3. Baby Bat with Hiccups

A one-man baby bat rescue takes a comical turn as the little mite gets the hiccups - although it does turn out well in the end.

4. Dog Wants to Play With Penguin

This dog just can’t quite grasp the concept of such a simple thing as glass, as he tries to play with a penguin swimming in an aquarium tank. Much hilarity ensues.

5. Fenton the Cat and Bebe the Chihuahua

Fenton the cat is very affectionate. Bebe the Chihuahua prefers to keep her feelings locked up inside. This is a tale of unrequited animal love…