Meet Venus, the cat with two faces

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Phantom of the Opera, eat your heart out. This cat has got two faces in one.

Venus, a five year old moggie from North Carolina, has a genetic condition called chimera, which causes cells to ignore an overall uniformity, giving her both the face of a black cat with green eyes, and a brown cat with blue eyes - perfectly split.

However, having two faces is no cause for alarm - Venus is reportedly a happy, healthy cat, who doesn't even scratch the furniture.

She was rescued from a dairy farm in 2009 by her owner, who quickly realised what a amazing cat she had found, and started uploading pictures of her to Facebook. Venus rapidly became an internet sensation thanks to her quirky looks.

Venus now has her own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for fans to keep track of her every move.

A toy company called Gund have even started selling plush replicas of her. Such is the love for Venus, her owner is planning to release calendars and t-shirts featuring her incredible face in the future.

With her divided face, Venus has some striking celebrity counterparts - both David Bowie and Kate Bosworth have different coloured eyes. Bosworth has the same genetic condition as Venus, causing her irises to develop with different colours, although it does not harm her vision, but Bowie has a permanently dialed pupil after an accident as child.

Venus has some cool celebrity friends - Kate Bosworth and David Bowie both have different coloured eyes

There's no denying Venus is a pretty good-looking cat - and she's proving popular amongst the hundreds of famous internet cats out there.

We may have seen the life-saving cat, the fat cat, the jenga-playing cat, and even the world's coolest cats, but the internet's love for Venus seems to be unwavering.

Words: Victoria Gray, Images: Facebook


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