Tiny Baby Puma Cub arrives at Berlin Zoo

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With the long weekend a mere day and a half from our grasp, we’re finding it a little tricky to focus. And we're blaming distracting baby animal videos like this.

This morning we came across this unbelievably cute scene at Berlin Tierpark Zoo, starring Missoula, a two month old baby puma cub introduced to an adoring German public. The staff gently tip little Missoula out of basket before she’s pictured frolicking around her new home (and getting a little bit too rough with one of the zoo’s staff).

Born on April 11 to German dad Gary and Canadian mum Cheyenne, Missoula weighs seven pounds and is already starting to eat beef and mice. And aside from being completely adorable, little Missoula is not your average cub. The first puma in 22 years to be born at Berlin’s zoo, she is also the only survivor from a litter of three cubs, and is being raised by zoo staff because her mother rejected all her previous cubs.

Since discovering Missoula our interest in pumas has dramatically increased – and we found a goldmine of cute big cat pictures for some further procrastination. In case you're interested, we also learnt that the puma has more common names than any other mammal, also going by Catamount, Cougar, Florida panther, Mountain lion, Red tiger, and they can swim and climb trees! Enjoy.

"It was over the line! OVER THE LINE! Urgh, watching Wimbledon is just so stressful"

"That's it, look into my eyes, give in to my heart-melting get me some treats"

"Think you want some of these cuddly cat hugs? Think AGAIN"

"How'd I get my eyes so blue? Well, I guess I've just got really good genes"

"Bring. Me. Coffee"

"How do I catch my prey? Well, I just look at them really mournfully like this - and then pounce on their face"

Picture credit: Rex Features and Getty Images

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