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A walrus has taken a detour from the Arctic - and ended up in Orkney.

The young male is believed to have gone to extreme lengths on the hunt for a mate, ending up on the shores of Bride’s Ness beach this weekend.

He was spotted by a group of friends from the North Ronaldsy Bird Observatory who were taking a stroll along the beach early on Sunday morning.

I am the eggman, I am the walrus, googoogachoo

Alison Woodbridge, who was part of the group, told Stylist: "It just looked like a big blob on the beach!

"As we approached it kept snoozing, apart from the odd snap of its flipper. We've been told they're quite approachable and it didn't seem bothered by its situation. It wasn't there when we looked this morning."

''The walrus was spotted by birdwatchers on Bride's Ness Beach on the Orkney Islands

Dubbed Waldo, this is the first sighting of the Arctic animal in the area since the mid '80s.

However, the group believes it's not the last they have seen of the mysterious sea creature, as North Ronaldsay's sheltered bays and shallow water suit its feeding habits.

They plan to search the 13-mile coastline today for more glimpses of Waldo. Watch this space.

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By Anna Pollitt. Images: North Ronaldsy Bird Observatory Kevin Woodbridge, Mark Warren