Watch these adorable baby red pandas fight and frolick

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The panda species seems to have the cute thing entirely down to a T (or perhaps a P). Both the black and white pandas, and their red panda cousins are constantly on our most-cute search list - check out these panda triplets opening their eyes for the first time, and imagine becoming a panda cub nanny if you need any more convincing.

So this video of two baby red pandas born in the Lincoln Children's Zoo in Nebraska, USA in July was obviously going to come with great excitement. The twin cubs play and fight amongst their impressive array of toys, where they are living at the zoo until they are 10 months old.

The twin babies, a boy and a girl, are being raised by hand by the team at Lincoln Children's Zoo. They are currently nameless, but there is a competition to pick their names on Facebook, where of course the entries are pouring in.

The zoo have a history with red pandas, having hand-raised an orphan cub, appropriately named Lincoln to adulthood before finding him a new home where he would have more space, and be happier. At 10 months, red panda cubs would usually leave their mothers and siblings and set off into the wild to find mates of their own, so at this point the male will be taken to another zoo, but the female will continue to live at Lincoln Children's Zoo.

The zoo's website says: "The female cub has a stuffed animal frog who she is friends with and loves napping on. The male cub is full of energy and loves to pick on his sister until she wrestles back and he runs away."

From this video we can really see their adorable personalities coming across, and we just can't get enough of it. The zoo also posted a video of Lincoln, their previous cub, which is just as cute. 

Watch the videos below, and if you want to see more pictures of the red pandas, the zoo's Instagram page features a fair few from time to time.

Words: Victoria Gray, Images and Video: Lincoln Children's Zoo


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