Watch: Guilty dog makes up for stealing baby toys

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An adorable video of a dog gently dropping toys into a baby girl's chair to make up for stealing her rattle has gone viral, warming the hearts of more than three million people since it was uploaded to YouTube.

The baby girl is mesmerised by her soft toy rattle until Charlie the Beagle sneakily makes off with it between his teeth and takes it over to his basket.

After a few moments of confusion the baby realises what has happened and promptly bursts into tears, which clearly pricks Charlie's conscience.

The four-legged thief is filmed guiltily scouring the room for toys which he lays one by one at the feet of his tiny master until she is almost completely covered in gifts.

Being a dog, Charlie's perception of what constitutes a suitable baby toy is somewhat skewed and he includes tennis balls and a games console controller in his haul of make-up gifts.

Still, the little girl doesn't seem to mind and rocks calmly in her chair as the pooch covers her in presents - including the original rattle he made off with.


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