The dog with the tiger facelift

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It's a dog's life for these unfortunate pooches - who, despite all their best intentions, have ended up resembling various other members of the animal universe.

The retriever (above left) has been mocked up as a tiger (albeit one with loppy ears), while the other two dogs (above right) now look more like baby pandas than true-blooded fidos.

It's all part of an eccentric trend taking China by storm, whereby dog owners invest time, money and a heavy dosage of high-quality dye and grooming produce to transform their pets into other wild animals.

Dog salons across the country are reportedly competing to offer the makeover service, with lions and raccoons also featuring as popular options in the madcap alteration process.

Whether the dog is left with an identity crisis remains to be seen...

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Picture Credit: Barcroft Media


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