There’s a heartbreaking reason this dad has worn the same shirt for 20 years

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A woman has prompted tears around the world by revealing the heartbreaking reason her dad always wears the same shirt.

Twitter user Ria, from Japan, noticed that her dad had been wearing the same green and yellow polo shirt for around 20 years, and always questioned why he didn’t simply replace it with a new one.

However, when she was clearing out her grandad’s house following his death, she unearthed an old photo of her dad with her mum, who died from cancer 18 years ago – and suddenly understood his reason.

In the photo, her parents are on their honeymoon and wearing matching shirts, with her dad in his favoured green polo shirt with a yellow collar, and her mum in the same polo shirt in reverse: yellow with a green collar.

“I wondered why he kept on wearing that old polo shirt,” Ria told BuzzFeed News.

“Why didn't he just buy a new one? I never imagined that the polo shirt would contain such a special memory for him.”

Ria's parents on their honeymoon, wearing their matching shirts
Ria's parents on their honeymoon, wearing their matching shirts

As further proof of how special the shirt is to him, Ria shared how carefully he looks after it – and how he’s always sure to don it for any special occasion.

“When that polo shirt gets a hole in it, he carefully sews it back together,” she added.

“He wears it for any special occasion, be it a work study event or a trip out with the family.”

"When that polo shirt gets a hole in it, he carefully sews it back together."

Ria shared the story of her dad and his shirt on her Twitter profile back in August, where her tweet has since had over 82,000 retweets and more than 307,000 likes.

Her initial post was also flooded with replies, with people writing that they were “crying” after reading the sweet story.

Ria even shared an image of her dad as he is today, still wearing the threadbare shirt with pride.

Ria's dad still wears the shirt today

Ria added that her dad never remarried, and has instead chosen to stay dedicated to his beloved wife.

We’re not crying. YOU’RE crying.



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