It’s official: Dairy Milk is bringing back this beloved chocolate bar

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Back in the eighties, we had all the best things: we were bopping along to our Sony Walkmans, attempting to gobble up ghosts with Pac-Man, and wearing the biggest and boldest hairstyles, earrings and shoulder-pads we could find.

But, as is so always the case, it’s the retro food we’re most nostalgic for (think Slush Puppies, Space Raiders crisps, Sex on the Beach cocktails, and Pez sweet dispensers, to name but four).

Which makes Cadbury's latest announcement all the more exciting: it has confirmed it's set to bring back one of its most iconic chocolate bars ever...

We’re talking, of course, about the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Tiffin.

Originally produced way back in 1937, Cadbury’s stopped making its raisin and biscuit-filled tiffin bars in 1972 – but the company appeased us all when it brought the product back in 1985.

Fans were devastated, however, when Cadbury’s withdrew the product from its shelves again in 2003.

Now, after a successful trial last summer (which saw three million tiffins purchased by nostalgic customers over the course of a few short weeks), the chocolate company has confirmed that they the Dairy Milk Tiffin will be returning to our lives once again.

And, this time, it’s for good.

Katrina Davson, Dairy Milk brand manager, told the Daily Star: "By reviving an old classic such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin it enables Cadbury to reignite fond memories and instill that warm, nostalgic feeling that our fans have towards our much loved chocolate.

“Though we can’t say too much at this moment, we can confirm that we will be bringing back Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin and urge the public to keep their eyes firmly peeled for more exciting news.”

At the moment, it remains unclear as to when, exactly, the tiffin bars will be back on our shelves where they belong.

However, we suggest that you keep your eyes peeled from now on: judging by people’s reactions to the ‘limited’ run last summer, we have a feeling that these babies are sure to sell out incredibly quickly indeed…

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