A new dating trend has emerged and you’ll definitely recognise it

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Susan Devaney
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You've heard of – and maybe been a victim of – ghostingzombieing or the recently coined term stashing, but there's now a new (equally dreadful) dating term to add to the vernacular and we’re officially tired.

Say hello to ‘submarining’.

And we’re willing to bet you’ve seen/heard/been a victim of it before.

This is how it works. You’ve been dating for a few months, getting to know each other, plodding along nicely, and then n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Like ghosting, they just disappear.

But, just like the stealth movements of a submarine, they re-emerge out of the blue months later, according to Metro. You’ll receive a text saying something along the lines of: “Hey, I’ve heard this new restaurant in Soho is amazing – want to give it a go? I know you like trying new places.”

Yes, that’s right, they’ll act like nothing has happened. And that they didn’t just disappear for months on end without an explanation which led you to the plausible conclusion they were dead.

In case, like us, you’re lost in the minefield that is dating and dating terms, then let’s look at fictional cad Daniel Cleaver.

You remember the ‘bad boy’ that Bridget Jones fell for in Bridget Jones’ Diary? Yes, that’s the one.

Well, he’s a bit of a submariner. He woos Bridget, they date and even go away for a weekend break together and then he dumps her for someone else. Only to pop back up months later at her birthday party.

Yes, he does acknowledge that he’s been awful – but he definitely doesn’t mean it. He’s not intent on making amends and really giving their relationship a go. No, he’s just a dreadful human being who’s hell-bent on using and abusing people’s hearts.

But, thankfully, as we all know Bridget ends up with Mark Darcy and the world’s balance is restored once again.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, please be aware we’re now entering ‘drafting season’, according to HelloGiggles.

This is when we start to really look for a significant other, as well, winter is coming.

Apparently, we were OK with being single in the summer, but we’re going to be cold soon as the winds roll in and we’re aware we’ll need another human for warmth. So the person you’re currently dating may well have a few other people on the go too, just to up their odds of finding that person to snuggle with during the colder climes. Allegedly.


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