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Mental Health Awareness Week: David Attenborough’s one-off podcast is a soothing listen

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To mark Mental Health Awareness week, Sir David Attenborough has introduced a new mindfulness podcast – and it’s perfect for taking some time for yourself during lockdown.

Sometimes, it’s nice to just shut off from the world by plugging into a therapeutic podcast. From Adwoa Aboah’s recently released second season of the Gurls Talk mental health podcast, to Claudia Winkleman’s new How Did We Get Here? therapy series, there are plenty of options to take some time out with. 

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, BBC Sounds has now shared another calming listen for people during lockdown, and it’s got the David Attenborough (read: ultimate) seal of approval.

Attenborough introduces the Mindful Mix series, with episodes featuring a blend of sounds from nature and calming classical. It has been made to provide a positive impact on people’s wellbeing during these tough times.

The BBC says it has been produced to help alleviate anxiety in people recovering from Covid-19, their families and healthcare professionals. Evidence shows that music is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and agitation, and sounds from nature can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

“There are times when, more than ever, it helps to steep ourselves in the music of the planet, the sounds of the wind and the water, the forest and the fields,” Attenborough says in his introduction to the series.

“For all of those who can’t be outside breathing in the beauty of the natural world. We want to bring some of its soothing sounds to you, blended with calming classical music which we hope will bring some much needed tranquillity.”

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Mindul Mix: take a mindful moment with Sir David Attenborough.

BBC Sounds’ accompanying Covid-19 Collection features a wider range of relaxing music, from classical to world music, to natural soundscapes from the BBC’s natural history archives. Chris Watson, the renowned wildlife sound recordist, will also be curating a special natural soundscape collection for the website (think birdsong, wind, swaying trees).

Basically: it’s a series that is going to calm the mind and make you feel more relaxed for a couple of hours. You can listen to Mindful Mix on the BBC Sounds app or website.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with their mental health, you can find support and resources on mental health charity Mind’s website or see the NHS list of mental health helplines.

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