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Deadwater Fell episode 3: is Tom lying about Kate and the fire?

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Episode three of Deadwater Fell was full of surprising moments, but are we any closer to finding out what happened on the night of the house fire? Stylist’s Hollie Richardson recaps what happened. 

OK guys, this week’s episode of Deadwater Fell really ramped things up a gear or two. Are we any closer to finding out who started that fatal fire in episode one? Well, no – but we have got a much better insight into what was happening in the characters’ private lives in the lead up to it. 

Here’s a quick recap of what we learned in last week’s episode two of Deadwater Fell

• Dylan, the teenager in the woods, lied to the police about seeing Tom in the woods on the night of the fire.

• Steve very possibly asked Dylan to tell this lie.

• Tom had previously been pretty aggressive towards both Jess and Kate.

• Tom and Jess only had sex once, after a drunken night.

Here are the five big questions about Deadwater Fell episode three

Was Kate having an affair with the head teacher?

In a flashback scene, Jess teases Kate about the head teacher having a crush on her. Kate laughs it off before going to bed with Tom. After they have sex, Tom asks if she orgasmed. When she says no, he tells her: “Jess did”. Eugh. We also learn that Tom had an affair with Kate’s other friend, Sasha. Double eugh. Although we don’t know if Kate actually had an affair, Tom has certainly been playing away.

What does Tom’s mum think happened?

In more flashback scenes (LOVE those things), Tom’s mum is very aware about her son’s coercive relationship with his wife. “He shouldn’t speak to you like that,” she tells Kate while washing up.

Back in the present day, she is visibly unconvinced when Tom asks her to help him get another lawyer. But, in the end, she gets Tom the money that he needs for bail. Is she doing this out of a motherly loyalty? Or has Tom got control over her too?

David Tennant stars in Deadwater Fell.
David Tennant stars in Deadwater Fell.

Was Tom telling the truth about what happened in the woods?

Tom is charged after it turns out he lied about Kate injecting him in the kids’ bedroom. This is because Steve found Tom’s unconscious body in his and Kate’s bedroom.

We find out that the family was injected with insulin, but still don’t know who did it.

We know that it wasn’t Tom who chased Emily in the woods. But is he the reason Kate and Emily were running away in the first place?

What the hell is happening with Steve?

This episode focused a lot on Steve. He very clearly has a huge issue with Tom (he did sleep with his wife, after all). But we also learn that Steve was angry at Kate after the car crash, because his wife was in the car. And, he has a power clash problem with his ex’s new boyfriend.

In a therapy session, Steve clearly holds back from his therapist, but it is believable when he sinisterly says he feels “good”.

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But after Dylan confesses to the police that Steve made him lie about seeing Tom in the woods, Steve is then suspended. The end scenes see him about to jump off a cliff. Will he do it? Does this mean he’s guilty of something? Or is this all part of someone else’s plan?

In the words of the female police detective on the case: “Men and their fucking egos.”

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