Decor inspiration: pastel homewares to transform your home into a Wes Anderson film set

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Wes Anderson’s upcoming film release The French Dispatch may not be in cinemas for a while but its still managed to reignite our passion for the master of pastel’s unique aesthetic. Here’s how you can get it for yourself. 

Wes Anderson is the director whose visionary mind has given us films like The Grand Budapest HotelThe Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited. Each film may follow a completely different plot, but they all share an innately Anderson aesthetic.

His look is both eccentric and retro, often using many shades of the same colour in one scene to create a tonal effect. In fact, colour is arguably his most used and important tool. We immediately associate The Grand Budapest Hotel with pastel pink. Picture Hotel Chevalier and you’ll also see the canary yellow of Natalie Portman’s robe against the matching walls and bed covers. 

Anderson’s next release, The French Dispatch, has sadly been delayed, but we’ve got no doubt it’s set design will be just as dreamy as the films that have come before it. And if you want to channel some of that Anderson magic into your own home in the meantime, we’ve got some ideas. The key is using pastel tones, decorative objects with intricate details and embracing a bit of clutter. After all, if we’re aiming for kookiness, minimalist isn’t the way to go.

Here’s a curated homeware edit that feels so distinctly Anderson that we’re sure it wouldn’t be out of place in one of his movies. Feel free to shop until your home looks like a film set. 

  • Chocolate Amatiler leaves

    Wes Anderson decor: chocolate leaves
    Wes Anderson decor: chocolate leaves

    Anderson’s films often have a European touch about them, so we couldn’t resist these Spanish chocolates with French-inspired packaging. 

    The bright yellow feels very Hotel Chevalier, we bet Portman wished she had some of these to snack on when making the short film. 

    We recommend popping them on a coffee table as a small but impactful touch to your living room, preferably next to a decorative, yellow book.

    Shop chocolate leaves at Chocolate Amatilier, £3.25

  • Lilac scalloped edge bed linen

    Wes Anderson decor: bed linen

    We almost didn’t tell you about this cute-as-a-button bed linen, because frankly, we want it all for ourselves. 

    And why wouldn’t we? The lilac hue, the stylish trim, the scalloped edge – it’s a trio made in heaven. 

    Shop lilac scalloped bed linen at Sophie Conran, from £22

  • Pinky Leopard Rug

    Wes Anderson decor: Doing Goods rug

    The clashing pinks and reds; the almost smiling face; the pure ridiculousness of it – this comical rug has exactly that eccentric spark we’ve been looking for. 

    This piece comes in a smaller and larger size, so it would look great as a central focus or layered with another rug. 

    Doing Goods does a whole range of animal-themed rugs, so if this one doesn’t float your boat, there’s plenty more where that came from.

    Shop Pinky Leopard Rug in small at Doing Goods, £75

  • Grand Budapest Hotel poster

    Wes Anderson decor: print

    Fancy giving your home a bit of Wes Anderson magic, but don’t have the budget to redecorate? We hear you. 

    So, why not try just putting up a poster instead? Feels a bit easier, doesn’t it?

    We love this print because it’s an artistic take on the film’s most famous image, and it comes in loads of size options. 

    Shop Grand Budapest Hotel poster at Etsy, from £12

  • Rainbow Rose Medium Cotton Linen Cushion

    Wes Anderson decor: House of Hackney cushion
    Wes Anderson decor: House of Hackney cushion

    Wes Anderson has used the colour orange throughout his films, from costume choices in Moonrise Kingdom to, well, almost everything in Fantastic Mr Fox

    So, we couldn’t very well finish this list without including a clementine-hued beauty, like this gorgeous cushion from House of Hackney.

    The light blue touches along the trim make all the difference.  

    Shop Rainbow Rose Medium Cotton Linen Cushion by House of Hackney at Liberty London, £165

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