Deliciously Ella’s working from home wellness tips for staying focused

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Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella, shares her wellness tips for feeling focused when working at home.

If you’re used to a buzzing office with a work wife to bounce ideas off of (and plenty of water cooler chat when that 3pm slump comes around), you might be finding working from home difficult in this time of quarantine.

Of course, there’s the social aspect that we miss – catching up on the latest TV series or the date your desk buddy went on last weekend (although, these days that would be a video chat than, y’know, a real life date). For this, by the way, we have started a Working From Home with Stylist group so that you can get your fill of banter – but it’s also the focus of being at a desk that we’re missing.

After all, how do you get into the boss woman zone when you’re still in your pyjamas at 2pm? 

Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella created a global brand from her laptop, so she knows a thing or two about staying motivated when working from home. It all started with a blog to document her plant-based style of living to combat the rare diseases taking over her body, and as well as getting better, Ella attracted followers of her journey all over the world. As the blog grew she began writing cookbooks, launched incredibly successful social media profiles and has her own app. And it all started at home.

As coronavirus continues to threaten the chances of us returning to office life anytime soon, Ella has teamed up with workplace insurance brand YuLife, to explain the wellness hacks that help her stay motivated throughout the day.

Get up and get moving 

We know that exercise is good for our minds as well as our bodies, and Ella swears by the ritual of getting moving first thing, even if it’s just for five minutes.

“It can be extremely difficult to feel as motivated when spending long periods of time working from home, so start each day with that positive intention – it can be just five minutes, anything to show yourself that you’re committed – and get it out of the way ASAP so that it is done,” she says.

Create structure in your day

Are all your days blending into one? We know the feeling. Ella recommends putting meetings in your diary to ensure your day has structure.

“Trying to create some sense of structure for your days is perhaps the most important tip of them all,” she explains.

“As you would a normal workday, plan ahead and try to build in as many face-to-face online meetings as possible to bring a sociable aspect to that. The Deliciously Ella app is offering a virtual coffee room experience every afternoon at 3pm, to help bring people together.”

Keep yourself well fed 

“Prepare food in bulk,” Ella suggests. “Cooking once and eating multiple times from the same batch is an efficient way of managing time and also ensuring that you’re eating the right kind of things. Try to focus on sitting down and eating real, healthy meals three times a day, as this helps to reinforce structure.” Sounds better than obliterating a packet of biscuits at 11am when you’re on a conference call, doesn’t it? Although, we’ll probably do that too. 

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