Dirty Diana is Demi Moore's new podcast.

Dirty Diana is Demi Moore’s wild new erotic podcast – here’s why it’s essential listening

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Demi Moore’s new podcast, Dirty Diana, has caused a stir for all the right reasons. Here’s why you should plug into the drama series right now.

Earlier this month, the collective interest of podcast lovers piqued when it was reported that Demi Moore was producing and starring in a new podcast “so erotic it will make you want to have sex”. According to the podcast’s writer and director, Shana Feste, the six-part drama series would be “a new form of erotica” that gives a “fresh perspective of sex as seen through an all-female lens”.

Now that the first couple of episodes have been released, we can confirm that it really is a wild ride, but it also has a powerful message behind it. 

What is Demi Moore’s Dirty Diana podcast about?

Moore stars as corporate executive Diana, who is navigating her sexless relationship alongside a secret life as the host of a website that features interviews with real women describing their sexual fantasies. The story is inspired by Feste’s own real life marriage, break up and reconciliation with her husband. 

Who stars in the Dirty Diana podcast?

Alongside Moore, guest stars include Melanie Griffith, Gwendoline Christie and Lena Dunham. Recurring cast members include Claes Bang, Betsy Brandt and Mackenzie Davis.

Dirty Diana podcast
Dirty Diana is Demi Moore's new podcast, and it is a wild ride.

Why is Dirty Diana an important listen for women in 2020?

In the first episode of Dirty Diana, we hear women masturbating, climaxing and talking candidly about their biggest sexual fantasies. 

Talking to Variety, Feste explained the significance of this, saying: “If I could have anything, it’s for women to have conversations, to be able to see sex as a very normal, healthy part of their life – and one that can be really embraced. 

“The shame that I felt, it was almost like I didn’t even want to ask any questions about it. I had my first orgasm way too late in life. My mother never had that conversation with me. And I think so much is focused on the male orgasm.”

We also hear Diana asking for more anxiety medication during a therapy session, helping to further break taboo around mental health. And, Diana deals with sexism at work throughout, being asked to bring coffee for male colleagues and attend meetings as a token female presence. 

Because the series is produced by Dipsea, a female-founded startup and story studio that focuses on sex, these issues are completely explored through a female perspective.

Basically: Dirty Diana is frank, funny and feminist, and it’s here to encourage women to embrace their sexual fantasies. 

You can listen to Dirty Diana on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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