Everything you need to know about Disney's new streaming platform

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Disney+ will directly compete with Netflix

Disney fans have long railed against the so called “Disney Vault” – Walt Disney’s policy of pausing the release of (often beloved) movies. 

2017’s rerelease of The Lion King even led fans on Reddit to speculate as to what would be next – Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, Fantasia or Cinderella?

Well, we no longer need to speculate – because Disney is launching its very own streaming platform, set to rival Netflix. 

And users will have plenty to get on with if they sign up for the platform, dubbed Disney+. 

All Disney’s classic movies, from Snow White to Coco, will be available to watch.

If that wasn’t enough, franchises including Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and even National Geographic will also be on the site. Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox’s entertainment roster also means shows including The Simpsons will be available online too. 

This also means classic Fox films including Titanic and Avatar will be there to binge on. 

As for how it looks? According to tech site Gizmodo, the site has taken “a few cues from Netflix“. 

Like Netflix, it says, an algorithm will give users specific content based on what they like to watch. 

’Continue Watching’, ‘Recommended for You’ and ‘Disney Originals’ will also be available on the site – again, taking cues from Netflix. 

With all this content, you might be worrying about cost – but there’s no need. 

The New York Times suggests that it will cost $7 a month in the US, where it’s set to roll out on 12 November. 

European and Asian versions will be arriving in 2020 – so you don’t have long to wait before you can get your hands on all the Disney goodness you can manage.

That’s us staying in bed for the whole of next year, then; frankly, we can’t wait.

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