Donald Trump just shut down a female reporter in the most disrespectful way

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Earlier this week, President Donald Trump met with the current class of White House interns and posed with them for a series of photos.

Like many of her peers, Associated Press reporter Catherine Lucey had unexpectedly been called in to witness the event – and she took the opportunity to ask the President some hard-hitting questions, focusing on the recent resignation of politician and lawyer Jeff Sessions.

But, at the sound of Lucey’s voice (and her seemingly tricky line of questioning), Trump’s grin faded.

The president proceeded to roll his eyes and shake his head at her – much to the amusement of his giggling White House interns.

Unwilling to be deterred, Lucey tried again. “Do you have a message on healthcare?” she asked – a fair question, considering that a number of failed attempts to repeal Obamacare have left America’s healthcare hanging in the balance.

But, instead of replying to Lucey in a respectful manner (or, y’know, treating her like an actual human being), Trump dismissed her with one word: “Quiet”.

As the crowd of interns around him let out another wave of laughter, Trump attempted to explain his actions by shifting the blame onto Lucey herself.

“You see, they’re not supposed to do that [ask questions], but they do it,” he told them.

“She’s breaking a code, but they don't care. They don't care about breaking codes.”

However, in an article by the Associated Press for ABC News, it is noted that, “reporters typically call out questions to the president when covering photo ops or bill signings.

“The president frequently answers.”

This would suggest that Trump picks and chooses when he wants to answer questions. A decision which is based, perhaps, on how difficult the question is to answer… or the gender of the person asking it.

Unsurprisingly, his treatment of Lucey has not gone down well on Twitter.

It is worth noting that Trump has only given one full-length press conference since the inauguration. During that press conference, he referred to the media as “fake” roughly 20 times.

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