The Women’s March is organising a protest against Donald Trump’s UK visit

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Here’s everything you need to know about the #BringTheNoise demonstration. 

Earlier this year, the White House confirmed that Donald Trump would be visiting the UK on 13 July. The announcement followed more than a year of speculation as to when the most unpopular US president in modern history would touch down in London: the trip was first postponed shortly after his inauguration, due to concerns that anger over his travel ban would result in mass protests and criticism from MPs. 

In the following months, it was pushed back twice, reportedly due to Trump’s fears that he would not be welcomed and his bizarre outrage about the relocation of the US embassy.

But now, Trump is coming – and the organisers of the Women’s March London are calling on people from around the UK to be there to greet him.

A mass demonstration against the president’s visit has been organised for 13 July in London. Called #BringTheNoise, it will be inspired by the cacerolazo or ‘casserole protests’ that originated in South America, which see demonstrators take to the streets with pots and pans to make as much noise as possible.

People who join the protest are invited to bring drums, musical instruments, pots and pans, and encouraged to wear bright colours to represent London’s diversity. 

Prime Minister Theresa May and President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, January 2018 

“We are living in unprecedented times in which liberal values of diversity and equality are under attack, whilst anti-immigrant sentiments and structural violence are on the increase, and are normalised,” says Akeela Ahmed, a co-organiser of Women’s March London.

“This joyous day of noise and action will be a timely reminder of the collective challenges we face, and the importance of joining together in solidarity to overcome them.”

Women’s March London is working with Top Trump Targets, a coalition of organisations working with groups that the president has sought to exclude or marginalise – such as the Abortion Support Network, Women for Refugee Women, Stonewall, Southall Black Sisters and the Fawcett Society.

Many of the organisations in Top Trump Targets are selling special bright pink merchandise ahead of his visit to the UK, which protestors are encouraged to wear to the #BringTheNoise march. This will mean that these organisations directly benefit as a result of the demonstration. 

Thousands of people joined the Women’s March on London on the day of Trump’s inauguration 

Labour MP Stella Creasy has coordinated the Top Trump Targets campaign. “What really matters here are the people whose lives are negatively affected by the rhetoric that Trump presents and promotes,” she explains.

“We’re asking everyone to help make the legacy of this visit a positive one – we are asking them to donate to the organisations in the Top Trump Targets working with those most affected by buying their bright pink merchandise to wear on 13 July.

“We want to make sure Trump will hear our opposition to his division, and he won’t be able to miss seeing our unity in celebrating the strength diversity brings to this country.”

The demonstration will also be attended by a wide range of charities and activist groups including Oxfam GB, the End Violence Against Women Coalition, Greenpeace, Liberty and Muslim Women’s Network UK.

A provisional timetable for the day’s events states that the #BringTheNoise march will start at a yet-to-be-confirmed location in central London at noon, before processing to a rally in Trafalgar Square. For more details as they are announced, visit or the Facebook event page.

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