Doughnut walls: the latest wedding craze sweeping Instagram

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Moya Crockett
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Before we began obsessively documenting every moment of our lives via social media, photography was reserved only for very special occasions. Holidays made the cut, as did birthdays, family gatherings, graduations.

But the ultimate photo opportunity has always been a wedding. And with the rise of Instagram, it sometimes seems like the relationship between weddings and photography is subtly shifting. Many couples now come up with their own wedding hashtag before the big day, so that they can easily sift through photos taken by their friends in the aftermath. It’s almost – whisper it – as though celebrations are being planned with Instagram in mind.

And the latest wedding craze couldn’t be more Insta-friendly if it tried. We already know that social media loves a doughnut: so far, we’ve seen macaron doughnuts, sushi doughnuts and even mini Krispy Kremes. With that in mind, the arrival of “doughnut walls” at weddings makes perfect sense. 

Offering your wedding guests a doughnut on a peg instead of a slice of wedding cake might seem like a gimmick, but it actually makes a strange kind of sense. It’s a well-established fact that not everybody likes wedding cake; in fact, lots of people actively loathe the dark, sticky fruit cake that crops up most often. And have you ever met someone who doesn’t like doughnuts? Exactly. 

In love with this #donutwall trend! #wedding #goodbyelollybuffet #gettingmarried

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And most importantly of all, it looks great on camera – because as we all know, the most important part of a wedding is the pictures...

Bon appetit!


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Moya Crockett

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