Stylist Magazine issue 546

Stylist reflects on a life-changing 12 months in the latest issue

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When we were faced with the first “stay at home” order all the way back in March last year, we did our best to keep calm and carry on. This has proved harder with each lockdown but we’ve found ways to entertain ourselves, from nurturing our sourdough starters to scouring the internet for relatable memes in order to pass the time. As we pass the one-year anniversary of Boris Johnson’s landmark lockdown announcement, Stylist reflects on a life-changing 12 months in the latest issue.

This week, we’re also helping you elevate your WFH lunch and looking at why the supermarket clothes aisle deserves another look. Download the digital edition of Stylist magazine to read now.

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● 30 joyful Easter eggs

● The best lipsticks to perk up your lockdown complexion

● How to bake a delicious sticky orange cardamom roll

● The 9-5 of a junior doctor

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