Dua Lipa claps back at Instagram trolls who accused her of editing childhood photos

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Dua Lipa lips photo editing

Social media users have accused Dua Lipa of Photoshopping her lips in baby the pictures she recently shared on Instagram. 

The line between filtered life and reality is more blurred than ever, with influencers, publishers and celebrities regularly being called out for air-brushing and editing photos.

Just ask Jameela Jamil, who knows how bad it is in the entertainment industry. Jamil refuses to let any of her photoshoots be airbrushed, and has set up the I Weigh campaign in response to the problem.  

But this is something that Jamil has chosen to tirelessly campaign for, accepting the inevitable trolling and negative backlash that comes with trying to make change happen.

However, trolls have managed to put a negative spin on the movement by taking things to a ridiculous level.

Enter: Dua Lipa.

The Grammy winning music artist has been accused of Photoshopping her baby photos. Yes, old pictures of when she was a teeny, tiny child. According to social media users, Lipa – who has a naturally powerful pout – edited her lips on the photos to make them look filler.

It started with a picture uploaded to Instagram last month, which showed Lipa as a young girl. “30 MILLION!!! THANK YOU,” she wrote alongside the snap. “Happy to be alive, making music I love, with the people I love, for the people I love (YOU).”

People quickly started to leave comments, accusing Lipa of using Photoshop to enhance her lips on the photograph. “So like anyone gonna mention that she Photoshopped her lips?” asked one person. “Photoshopping baby pictures is a whole new level,” added another. “OK, you could’ve at least Photoshopped your lips to look natural,” wrote a third.

The singer has responded to the comments by sharing more photographs to show that she didn’t Photoshop her inital post. “To the people saying I Photoshop my baby pictures to make my lips look bigger are mad madddd! Can’t believe I have to defend myself. You guys are on crack,” she said.

It really is maddening that such comments were taken seriously, but it just proves how toxic and harmful they can be. Although it is important to ensure followers are aware of any sponsorships and editing in photos, it’s not OK to accuse people of doing this when they haven’t. 

Lipa spoke out about facing insecurities when she picked up one of her Grammy awards.

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