Dublin Murders episode 6 recap: Cassie is pregnant, but who’s the father?

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Dublin Murders episode 6: Cassie / Lexie

Warning: this article contains spoilers for episode six of BBC One’s Dublin Murders, so do not read on unless you are fully up to date with the crime show…

Tonight’s episode of BBC One’s Dublin Murders was an absolute humdinger, and it left us with plenty of unanswered questions.

Here, Stylist’s digital editor Kayleigh Dray does her best to unravel them all.

Is Rosalind actually Sandra’s daughter?

In last night’s episode, Rob Reilly got his memories back at long last. Tonight, mind brimming with new horrors, he reaches out to Sandra, the rape victim who still lives on the estate. However, she denies everything, throwing him out of her house… and prompting viewers to suspect that she’s trying to hide more than first meets the eye.

“She got pregnant after the rape,” tweeted one. “The baby is Rosalind who was brought up by the Devlins. That’s why the mother said she ‘never wanted her’ last night.”

Another boldly stated: “Calling it now - Rosalind is Sandra’s baby.”

Is Rob/Adam a killer?

“Is Rob/Adam a killer and desperate to blame someone else as revenge for that girl’s rape?” tweeted one viewer, prompting a flurry of ever so similar theories to emerge on the social media platform.

It’s an intriguing idea: maybe Rob, finally skilled enough to cover his tracks, is keen to frame one of Sandra’s rapists in order to ensure that justice, in some form, is served. Then again…

Well, would he really kill a teenage girl to make his point? We’d like to think not.

Why does everyone hate Lexie and her friends?

Busy lurking undercover as Lexie Madison (note the blunt fringe and nose piercing), Cassie Maddox quickly falls for the ramshackle Victorian glamour of Whitethorn House. And, as she falls deeper and deeper into the late Lexie’s life, Cassie finds herself emotionally seduced by her new housemates, too. 

While their easy bohemian lifestyle might appeal to Cassie, however, it seems the local villagers aren’t fans. In fact, they hate Whitethorn House… and they hate Lexie and her friends even more so. Why? Well, firstly because Lexie’s pals openly refer to them as “peasants” and make snide jokes about running them off their land. Secondly, because of what they represent - colonialism and cruelty, with the scars and skeletons of the famine cottages. Thirdly, and most importantly of all, the villagers hate the inhabitants of Whitethorn House because they are refusing to sell, blocking plans for a new motorway that would bring jobs to the area.

All roads lead to that motorway, one way or another. Which brings us to our next point…

Why is the motorway so important?

We first met Lexie in the town where the new motorway would extend to, which automatically linked her back to Knocknaree up in Dublin. Katie Devlin’s father has been threatened for his involvement in the motorway’s development. And Dr Mark Hanley, the academic head of the archaeological dig where Katy was found, was arrested in the woods while carrying out a strange ritual. You know the kind of strange ritual we mean: you strip stark-bollock naked, pour red wine all over yourself, and dance a merry jig in the middle of the night.

Why? Well, to put it in Mark’s own words, to appeal to the old gods in a desperate bid to put a stop to that bloody planned motorway.

“It’s alive,” he told Cassie and Rob Reilly, both of whom were unable to wipe the thin veneer of horrified disgust from their faces. “It lives, and it breathes. And so I make an offering - of myself - to the King… ask him for a favour, for a miracle. Because if we don’t get a miracle, we’re going to lose that place.”

Like we say, it all comes back to the motorway. But could the war over old and new Dublin be something of a red herring, chucked into the mix to throw canny viewers off the scent? 

Only time will tell.

Cassie is pregnant, but who is the father?

Just like Lexie before her, it seems Cassie is pregnant… but who’s the father of her unborn child? Could it be Rob, after their one night of searing passion? Her ex-boyfriend Sam? Someone, or something, completely different? (Some viewers have suggested she’s been visited by a spirit or ‘god’ of the forest, which would certainly be an interesting twist).

We have a feeling it might be Rob, just because it would make their fallout so much more dramatic. But, then again, we’ve very little to go on at this point…

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Will Cassie die before the end of the series?

At the end of tonight’s episode, it quickly became apparent that Lexie’s housemates had figured out that Cassie wasn’t who she said she was (despite the very convincing haircut, her lack of stab wounds / memory about her past gave her away. Go figure.) - and they weren’t happy about it. So, in order to suss her out, they spiked her drink, grabbed her by the throat and demanded to know who the fuck she was.

Doomed to die, though? Hardly. The trailer for episode seven shows Cassie alive and well and informing her new pals that she’s been sent in undercover to figure out which one killed Lexie. And, as this writer’s genius colleague has already pointed out, the very first scene of the very first episode of Dublin Murders looks an awful lot like it’s going to be the last one, too. You know, the one where Rob started banging on about how the murdered are the lucky ones, and the survivors are simply rejects? That one.

So, will Rob die?

He may have been clutching at his shoulder like he was mid-heart attack, but we (for the reasons listed above) doubt that Rob is going to bite the big one any time soon. Unless… well, unless both he and Cassie die, and they wind up as ghosts in that final scene.


What are people on Twitter saying about it all?

As ever, the people of Twitter are absolute baffled by the events of Dublin Murders.

Are Rob and Cassie linked in a… well, in a supernatural kinda way?

 “State of us. The only ones to get out alive and trying to work out why.”

Way back in episode three, Cassie and Rob chuckled over the absurdity of their lives - and hinted heavily that Cassie was also involved in the original Knocknaree incident. Since then, we’ve learned that both of them have dual identities: Rob/Adam, and Cassie/Lexie.

A reminder for those who don’t read our recaps on a regular basis: the show has dropped a number of references to a ‘fetch’, aka a supernatural double or apparition of a living person in Irish folklore. Could it be that Cassie and Rob both went into the forest back in 1985, but that two versions of them came out? And could that explain why, at the exact same moment that Cassie’s life hangs in the balance, Rob is clutching at his shoulder and staggering across the dancefloor like a zombie?

Who killed Lexie?

If the show sticks to the book’s controversial ending, viewers might be more than a little disappointed to learn that it all gets a bit Murder on the Orient Express/An Inspector Calls before too long. And that’s as much as we’re going to say on the subject…

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And who killed Katie Devlin?

Don’t make us laugh - we’re no closer to knowing than we ever were before.

Maybe we’ll learn more next week, eh?

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The next episode of Dublin Murders will air Monday 4 October, 9pm on BBC One. 

Read our episode one recap here.

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