Easter weekend 2020: best things to do this weekend in lockdown

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Our guide to the best virtual experiences and things to do for Easter bank holiday in lockdown. 

We won’t lie to you: this Easter weekend probably isn’t going to be the best bank holiday you’ll ever have, but – there’s still hope. Just because lockdown means we won’t be able to take a mini break to Paris or spend the weekend in a cabin in the South Downs, there’s still plenty of fun things you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

From embracing your creative side and learning the art of calligraphy to devising a virtual pub quiz for your friends and family to enjoy, there’s some joy to be found in quarantine yet. 

But as well as new hobbies to be learned (like baking bread, which have you noticed, literally everyone is doing?), some of the world’s greatest institutions of arts and culture are on hand to keep you entertained, too. 

For example, The Met, New York has released a series of virtual tours, while The Globe on London’s South Bank has recorded performances of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays. 

So, although there are things we’re sure you’d rather be doing, let’s make the most of the bank holiday spirit with these activities and things to do for an Easter weekend in lockdown. 

  • Make a Cheesecake Easter Egg

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: Cheesecake Easter Egg

    Have you seen the obscenely mouth-watering sight that is a Cheesecake Easter Egg? It’s super easy to make (you don’t even need to turn your oven on), and we’ve put together a selection of our favourite Easter chocolate recipes you can try at home this weekend. It’s time to get scoffing!

  • Listen to a new podcast

    Working from Home with Stylist
    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: Working from Home with Stylist

    Podcasts are one of our favourite ways to wind down. If you feel the same and are looking forward to a chilled bank holiday, run yourself a bath and put on our new podcast, Working from Home with Stylist.

    In our first episode, author and founder of Think Productive, Graham Alcott, explores how to get the best out of your working day, from digital presenteeism and communication agreements, to making space for quality thinking. 

  • Stretch for the NHS

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: the world's largest yoga class.

    At 10am on Monday 13 April, Hotpod Yoga will attempt to stream the world’s largest yoga class to raise money for the NHS.

    It will be streamed on both their Instagram and YouTube channels and the goal is for 125,000 to attend. If all of those people gave just £1, that would be £125k to use in the fight against coronavirus. 

  • Build a terrarium workshop

    build a Terrarium
    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: build a terrarium with a digital workshop

    Book onto this very popular terrarium course on Saturday 11 April hosted by (plant-famous) The Botanical Boys who will instruct the green fingered amongst us via a live interactive link. 

    For £10 you will be guided through a terrarium class step by step. You’ll receive instructions on what you need from the teacher before your class so you are well prepared (and yes, they will help you find substitutes for stuff you can’t find). 

    Book the class through the Lets Day Out app, who have pivoted to support days inside now.  

  • Learn calligraphy with this online tutorial

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: Calligraphy course

    Many of us have felt inspired to get creative with our new-found spare time, picking up new hobbies that involve using our hands. Calligraphy is not only a beautiful skill to master but it’s a great mindfulness technique too. After all, with both hands full and a lot of concentration needed, you won’t be able to absent-mindedly scroll through your phone and it might help stop anxious thoughts spiralling.

    Jacquie Lawes of White Olive Designs has created three beginners calligraphy kits for those looking to learn at home. All options include a video guide, workbook, practise pad, ink and calligraphy pen, so you can get going straight away. Plus, if you’re a stationery fan make sure you check out the rest of her work, which is beautiful. 

  • Jack the Ripper virtual tour

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: Jack the Ripper tour

    Visit real-life crime scenes of the Jack the Ripper murders in east London’s Whitechapel in 1888, and then investigate them with photographic evidence, suspect cards and true stories. 

    Let a live tour guide walk you through the experience and educate you on one of England’s most famous serial killers, without leaving your living room. Tickets are priced at £5 and time slots are between 7pm-8pm or 9pm-10pm.  

  • Get a gourmet Easter lunch delivered to your door

    London-based Michelin-starred restaurant HIDE is running a special delivery service with “high-end takeaway” app SUPPER, to make sure you can still have a delicious Easter lunch. 

    The Easter banquet for two is priced at £48 and on the menu is roast Herdwick lamb saddle, confit new potatoes with butter and parsley, crushed peas with mint, warm leek vinaigrette with Sussex Slipcote and a red wine jus with violet mustard to bring it all together. 

    Dessert is a strawberry and vanilla custard tart, which sounds delicious. You can order this in from Good Friday until Easter Sunday, because even if you can’t go out for a fancy meal, at least you don’t have to cook. 

  • Create a virtual pub quiz for your friends and family

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020: Host a quiz

    Virtual quizzes have become the new way to have fun on a Saturday night. Plan one for the bank holiday and invite all your best friends to join you on a video app of your choice, BYOB and battle it out. 

    We’ve written a handy guide with ideas on how to format your virtual quiz, as well as question ideas.

  • Tour New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The Met is one of the world’s most talked about museums and now you can take a look inside, without having to travel across the globe. Using spherical 360° technology, these six short videos invite viewers to experience some of this institution’s epic spaces, from the Great Hall to the Cloisters. We reckon the fact it’s been viewed over 11 million times counts for something. 

  • Take a 360 degree tour of the Globe Theatre

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: The Globe

    Has being unable to visit some of the country’s most incredible attractions made you even more keen to go? Us too. One thing we’re particularly missing, especially as it was one of the gatherings to be banned, is theatre. 

    Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s South Bank is undeniably special and although we can’t visit it right now, we can whet our appetites by taking the virtual tour which also includes clips from previous productions or facts about the original plays that were put on there. 

  • Practise your tennis skills with virtual lessons

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: tennis lessons

    If you’re itching to get back out there on the tennis courts, or y’know, never picked up a racket in your life, these at-home training videos will help you stay in the game on lockdown. 

    LTA is the National Governing Body of tennis in the UK and it has put together a series of 12 videos with moves that can be done in your garden but will help you brush up on your tennis skills. The videos are aimed at children, so they’re pretty easy going and perfect for beginners.

  • Tour a vineyard in Champagne

    The Easter four-day weekend is what mini-breaks across the Channel were made for. But, alas, although we won’t be spending the bank holiday in France anytime soon, this 360 degree virtual tour shows you what you’re missing. 

    The Comité Champagne (which represents the 16,000 growers and 340 houses) has created an immersive film which offers views of the Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars. An optimistic glimpse of holidays to come or a reminder that you won’t be jet-setting anywhere more exotic than your local Co-op for a while? You decide…

  • Watch a live performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020: The Globe

    Although we can’t go to the theatre right now, you can still enjoy the talents of Shakespeare and some incredible modern-day actors at home by watching a videoed performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This 2013 performance is captivating and can be yours for just £5.99 to rent, or £11.99 forever. 

  • Attend the virtual launch of an art exhibition

    London-based Canadian artist TRATE isn’t letting coronavirus ruin his gallery launch. He will be virtually exhibiting his second series of striking works entitled ‘Technicolour Malaise’ which is made up of a collection bold, figurative oil-on-canvas paintings. You can view the gallery from 9 April for free. 

  • Bake your own bread

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: bread recipes

    “What’s with all the bloody bread?” is something the Stylist team has been debating on our daily Zoom calls, because we don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone we know has suddenly become an amateur baker. 

    But you know what they say – if you can’t beat them, join them – so we have. If you fancy baking up a storm this weekend check out our beginners’ guide to bread making. 

  • Belt your heart out with at-home karaoke

    Best things to do Easter bank holiday 2020 in lockdown: Lucky Voice

    Lucky Voice is one of the UK’s most prominent karaoke chains, while their bars around the country are closed, though, you can sing along online. The monthly subscription includes over 9,000 songs, the ability to queue up songs to sing along to and some ready-made playlists, too.

    Although it usually costs £6.99 a month, you can get your first month for free with the code STYLIST.

Images: Courtesy of brands / Unsplash 


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