5 easy interior decorating ideas for spring

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Looking for interior ideas for spring? We’ve spoken to interior design expert Kate Watson-Smyth to get the scoop on simple ways to update your home for the next season. 

Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Come April, not only do the flowers begin to bloom, but everything from our wardrobes to our homes is filled with new life, as we swap dark winter hues for dreamy pastels and summery prints.

Throughout the colder months, we struggle to walk from one room to another without being accosted by a candle or tripping over a textured throw, such is our obsession with getting the place hygge.

But with the arrival of sunshine (which we’re optimistic is here to stay), comes a whole host of spring interior design trends and decorating ideas for the new season.

With a few new touches, you can transform the feel of your home for the warmer months without too much effort or a huge budget – and we’ve found just the person to show you how.

Interiors extraordinaire Kate Watson-Smyth, commissioned by makers of the thoughtful home, Nest, has shared her five golden tips for refreshing your home in time for spring – and we can’t wait to try her ideas out for ourselves. 

As founder of the award-winning blog Mad About The House, and as an interiors consultant and author, Watson-Smyth certainly knows a thing or two about making the most of your abode - as you can see from her totally flawless Instagram account.

So, we challenge you to take the overlooked parts of your home and, under Watson-Smyth’s guidance, inject them with a fresh new feel using these small and simple tricks. 

1. Change the rugs and curtains with the seasons

“The Danes and the Finns do this without even thinking about it and it makes complete sense. After all, we change our clothes with the seasons, so why not our soft furnishings?

Swap wool and velvet cushion covers for cotton and linen, dark rugs for light and, if you can, heavy winter curtains for lighter drapes.

The spares can easily be stored away under a bed or sofa, and you don’t need to buy new ones every year. Just as you greet the Christmas decorations like old friends when they come out of the cupboard after 11 months, so seeing the summer curtains after months of winter will feel like you’ve redecorated, though all it will cost you is time. H&M has some great cushions available in light spring colours.”

2. Consider the touch points 

“Door handles and light switches are often the last thing we think about as we tend to concentrate on the bigger stuff like the furniture. But a good-looking switch will change how you feel about the entire room when you enter it.

The devil is in the detail, and the details that people touch are what they remember. Even traditional plastic electric controls are being replaced with new materials like stainless steel and ceramics. Make this the year when you swap your old switches and handles for something prettier and more tactile like these doorknobs from G Decor.”

3. Sort out those cables

“We seem to have arrived at the paperless office, but not at the cordless home. Until that day comes, try to make the best of it by untangling cables and clipping them together or feeding them through cable tidy tubes.

It’s a small change but can make a massive difference to the look and feel of a room - especially around bedside tables. And it’s safer, too.”

4. Update unloved essentials with stylish alternatives  

“There are many necessary home appliances that make life easier but may be outdated or overlooked. Now is the time to give them your full attention.

So, get rid of that ugly white box on the wall and replace it with something more stylish. Smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat don’t just look good, they’re also a delight to live with. With modern, sleek designs and different colours to suit every room, they can learn your heating habits after just one week, turning themselves on to warm the house before you get out of bed and switching off automatically when you leave.

Your smoke alarm also doesn’t have to be an unsightly plastic box ruining the aesthetic - Nest also does a gorgeous smoke and CO alarm that uses motion sensors to gently light up in the dark so you can see your way to the loo at 3am.”

5. Time to go green

“Not just the recycling – although it might be time to invest in a proper sorting system – but bring some plants in.

The days are finally getting longer and lighter and now is the time to bring in some greenery. If you have a black thumb then it’s perfectly acceptable to fake it these days as there are some really great faux plants around - check out Rose and Grey. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you look forward to the long days of summer.”

Kate Watson-Smyth’s book, Mad About The House: How to decorate your home with style, will launch on 22 March. 

Images: Mad About The House