The low-commitment interior design hack Pinterest is going crazy for

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Back in the day, September meant back to school, with the end-of-summer blow slightly softened by the promise of new shoes, a new bag and some new stationery.

And frankly, we still love an autumn refresh – especially when it comes courtesy of easy, but beautiful interior design updates.

Lucky for us, it turns out there’s a home design trend picking up pace on Pinterest that’s low on fuss and high on style – removable decor.

Not sure what that is? We’re talking the likes of temporary wallpaper and washi tape, a trend that’s seen a 344% increase in searches over the last year.

Washi tape, originally from Japan, is a low-adhesive decorative tape that is largely employed on gift wrap and craft projects. However, as it’s so easily repositioned, people have been using it on their walls, stairs, doors, shower screens and even fridges to create fabulous home interiors.

Plus, there’s no fear of spending an entire weekend giving your lounge a makeover only to sit in it later pondering whether an eye-searingly pink statement wall really was the change you were after.

There are washi tape ideas all over Pinterest, from simple stripes to cityscapes – you’ll be on Grand Designs in no time.

How about a simple bird design in the bedroom?

Or a sprinkling of stylish hundreds and thousands on your walls?

Perhaps a geometric heart tickles your pickle?

Given we couldn’t possibly know the state of your own walls, we highly recommend testing a small, hidden area before going ahead and taping an entire room – and remember that the longer tape is up, the more likely it is to leave a mark.

Oh, and here’s that fridge we mentioned:

Temporary wallpaper, meanwhile, does what it says on the box: it’s a temporary fix. It promises easy repositioning and removal (and thus easy rectifying of any mistakes), and usually comes in a range of designs for a low-commitment room makeover.

There are tonnes of pins providing inspiration (as well as Pinterest’s own board), revealing how it can be used on statement walls, to add interest to an office space, and on wooden/painted stairs to add some colour and pattern to a hallway.

Try a new look in the bedroom:

Perk up your desk space with a new design:

According to Pinterest’s 2017 Back to Reality Report hanging decor has also seen an increase in searches, with users loving the idea of dried flowers perking up a space – another low-maintenance, high-style trend that’s easy to pull off.

Similarly, low-maintenance houseplants and string lights are beloved for their ability to update your interior design without 1. costing the earth and 2. running the risk of an non-rectifiable DIY mistake.

The image-sharing website has collated the most popular interiors trends on its Back to Reality board, so click through for a plethora of simple room design ideas to update your living space: maximum makeover, minimum effort.

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