Easy and simple ways to DIY decorate your pumpkin this Halloween

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From digging deep for some artistic skills and trying very hard not to end up in A&E, carving a story or character into a pumpkin is no easy feat – as any Halloween lover worth their salt will tell you.

But what if a rising trend for simple yet decorative designs was taking over the pumpkin patch this year? Would you reconsider and get yourself into the game?

According to Pinterest, there’s been a 215% rise in people pinning ‘no-carve pumpkins’, and we’re totally on board with the relatively low-effort decoration. 

Which is why we’ve got some inspiration to get you off to a flying start.

First up, get some white paint, cover your entire pumpkin in it and then get your dainty paintbrush to hand and make a spider crawl across it – or simply write ‘trick or treat’.

Halloween via Pinterest

Halloween via Pinterest

Or why not make some small bats from black paper or ribbon and stick them on your pumpkin after decorating half of it in cream paint and the other in a cool metallic?

Easy enough for the least artistic of Halloween fans to complete.


House Beautiful Magazine via Pinterest

Is there anything better than bringing a pumpkin to live as a fictitious character? Say hello to every witch that’s every haunted your dreams.

Paint your pumpkin in slime green, add a black hat, some glasses and you’re good to go. 


HGTV via Pinterest

And if, unlike us, you’re feeling exceptionally artistic and creative then spend a few hours and paint a spooky scene on your pumpkin. 


Lee Borrego via Pinterest

Or channel one of the most famous artists of all time: Frida Kahlo. Especially since the trend has experienced a 140% surge, according to Pinterest.

Halloween via Pinterest

But if you simply want to stick to carving, then why not opt for a funky pineapple for a bit of a change? According to Pinterest, the trend has risen by 100% and we can see why. 


Joni Suiters via Pinterest

Happy Halloween, y’all...

Images: Julia Rassch / Pinterest


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