Survey reveals the most embarrassing things Brits have done at work

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Jasmine Andersson
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Ah, behaving at work. Even when we’re trying to be our best, most efficient selves, a comment made in the wrong tone, an ill-fated coffee spillage, or an ill-fated encounter with a glass door (ouch) can make the day fade to embarrassing greyscale obscenely quickly.

Now a new YouGov survey has exposed some of the most blush-inducing mistakes people have ever made in the workplace – and we’re willing to bet that they cause your own to pale in comparison.

“While serving a customer at a turkey carvery, I told them that I had a nice pair of breasts,” shared one customer service worker.

A hairdresser added: “I turned a customer’s hair green — before it was fashionable.”

“Working as a ride operator on a theme park ride, I got distracted by colleagues and ended up leaving a group of customers on a haunted house ride… we told them it was a technical issue,” admitted another.

But, while some of the stories make for prime titillation material (ahem), others teeter on the brink of truly horrifying.

“I was supposed to be conducting a short service for the burial of some ashes on a Saturday afternoon but I completely forgot about it because I had gone shopping with my family,” revealed one.

One confessed: “Mixed up several old people’s dentures as a student nurse when I was washing them.”

“Mistook a photo of my colleague’s dead father as Nigel Farage on her final day after losing her job,” admitted another.

Naturally, we’ve scoured through these unlucky employee confessions to bring you just a few of the most cringe-worthy, awkward, and embarrassing.

Check them out below:

  • “Asked a blind club which power point projector they have.”
  • “Forgot to turn my microphone off while going to the toilet.”
  • “Gave an enema to the wrong patient.”
  • “Accidentally was rude about a customer while I thought I had them on hold. They were not.”
  • “Lost £2000 in cash by putting it in the waste paper bin by accident.”
  • “Set a new pupil work to do and checked up on him only to discover later that he was a graduate trainee supposed to be observing the lesson.”
  • “Turned up in a wrong venue 100 miles away from where I should have been.”

May your mistakes always go unfounded, team.

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