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Emily Atack explains the problem with being called ‘lonely’ in isolation

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Actor and presenter Emily Atack speaks to Stylist about the reality of living alone doing lockdown, and many of you will no-doubt relate.

Working from home has been a challenge that many of us have had to step up to during lockdown. We’ve all got our own barriers to overcome while doing this: looking after the kids, worrying about an ill relative or setting up office with three noisy flatmates. 

Living on your own during the pandemic has its pitfalls, too. It’s something that Emily Atack talks about in more detail on the latest episode of the Working from Home with Stylist podcast.

Speaking to Stylist editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski, Atack talked candidly about the reality of living along during the pandemic. Anyone in the same situation will relate to the refreshingly honest chat.

From not doing the washing up until the next day, to putting on workout clothes despite having no intention to exercise, Atack gives a hilarious and reassuring insight into how she is coping in lockdown. She also shares the very helpful mantra: “Don’t let your dressing gown become your depressing gown…”

During the conversation, Atack raises a really important point about the issue of loneliness if you’re single at this time. Although she can’t physically connect with people, she feels lucky to just have so many friends and family to connect with online and over the phone.

“I’m careful with the word lonely,” she says. “I am the opposite of lonely in life. I am surrounded with love and people. I’ve got the most incredible friends and amazing family. I don’t have a fella, but people seem to be obsessed with that.”

Atack continues to explain the way people continue to constantly associate her singledom with loneliness – pandemic or not. 

She says: “People are so obsessed with that, and they go: “Do you feel lonely? You’re 30 and your by yourself.’ I tell them I’m not by myself. OK, I haven’t got someone to have a little roll around with in the evenings but… that will come. It really frustrates me when people ask: ‘How are you still single?’ It’s like I’ve done something wrong.” 

And, more than anything right now, it’s meeting her friends in the pub to get pissed that Atack misses the most. 

“We have the longest conversations in the pub.” says Atack. “We talk about everything, every topic is covered in the pub. We all hug each other in pubs. We have the World Cup in pubs. We all just come together.”

You can listen to the full interview with Emily Atack on the latest episode of Working from Home with Stylist.  Find it on Spotify, Acast and Apple

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