Greta Thunberg and 9 other female climate change activists to follow on Instagram

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Greta Thunberg is just one of many incredible climate change activists you should follow if you’re passionate about making a change to the environment. 

We’re going to hazard a guess and assume that you care about the planet you live on, right? 

But, although we’re sure you try and find plastic-free alternatives for things like cotton buds, always carry a reusable coffee cup and wouldn’t dream of picking up a plastic bag in Tesco, how much of the media you consume daily reflects your feelings on fighting climate change?

Our Instagram feeds are a reflection of our interests, but among the influencers we follow for style advice, decor ideas and travel inspiration, how many of them teach us about new ways to live sustainably or educate us on environmental issues? Probably not as many as we’d like.

Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t all have to be the kind of activism that asks you strike from your job or lobby in parliament, many climate change activists and environmental influencers simply spark conversation on new ways of thinking, suggest ethical beauty products and fashion brands, or share their favourite vegan recipes. All of which contribute to reducing the damage being done to the planet. 

If you want to become more eco-conscious, follow some of the environmental influencers below and get your daily dose of sustainable and ethical news and advice to help you live a more ethical lifestyle. 

  • Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg may only be 16 years old, but she’s already considered a prominent voice in the fight against climate change. Before Sweden’s general elections in September, Thunberg went on a three-week strike from school to urge her government to act on climate change because she is too young to vote. 

    Since then she’s sparked an international youth movement, met with figures like Pope Francis, members of the British government and has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

  • Jo

    Jo is a vegan, environmentalist and zero waste blogger living in Scotland. She posts about environmental and political news and shares ways to reduce your carbon footprint, zero-plastic brands and uses her Stories to share her favourite sustainable products. 

    She’s also engaged on subjects like sexism and racism, and promotes books and ideologies that encourage a more inclusive way of thinking. 

  • Immy Lucas

    Immy Lucas created the Low Impact Movement in February 2018 to encourage people to be 100% waste free. If you’re not quite an eco-warrior yet, her approach to activism might be just the thing to ease you in.

    She shares everything she’s learned on living plastic-free and attempting to live a zero-waste lifestyle in a beautifully engaging, minimalist aesthetic. 

  • Livia Van Heere

    Livia Van Heere is a 21-year-old sustainable and ethical influencer from Austria living in London, and is on a mission to beat climate change. 

    Her speciality is ethical fashion, and she documents her favourite sustainable products and looks as she travels between London and Vienna.

  • Andrea Sanders

    Andrea is an educator in mindfulness who posts free monthly guides on living without waste and adopting a minimalist lifestyle on her website, and shares tips and thoughts on her Instagram feed. 

    She uses Instagram to help people start living less wasteful lives, sharing her personal experiences, struggles and tips for how to make less impact on our planet with her followers.

  • Monika Poppy

    Monika Poppy is the editor in chief of Sustainability is Cool, a blog written to encourage people to live more sustainably and ethically. 

    She posts advice and product suggestions focusing on ethical fashion trends and decor such as sustainable cups, ethical lamps, vegan snacks and ethical make-up

  • Francesca Willow

    A campaigner in living sustainably, social justice and for a generally better understanding nature in society, Francesca Willow shares her thoughts and advice on everything from slow jewelry shopping and using technology for good, to litter picking and which are the best sustainable coffee shops.  

  • Lizzie Carr

    Lizzie is the founder of @plastic_patrol. She is a dedicated climate change activist and optimist for the battle against fighting plastic pollution. She is a paddle boarder and takes classes of young people around the UK’s waterways while also spotting and collecting waste plastics from rivers. 

  • Tolly Dolly Posh

    Tolly is an 18-year-old ethical fashion blogger and designer. Though her focus is on fashion she also uses her fashion influence to support such feminist movements such as #freeperiods and the acceptance of body hair on women. 

  • Amy and Ella

    Amy and Ella ran a campaign to encourage kids to pick up pieces of plastic to help the environment and make the UK a better place. Now Kids Against Plastic is a registered charity and has organised kids from all over the UK to pick up more than 100,000 pieces of plastic.

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