How you and your company can help support Stylist's #EqualPayDay initiative

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To mark Equal Pay Day Stylist is leaving work 18% early to raise awareness of the gender pay gap – and we’re calling on you to join us

On 10 November 2016 at 3.34pm, the Stylist office will look like the scene above; no deafening tapping of keyboards, tweaking of layouts or fevered searches for biscuits.

Because 10 November is Equal Pay Day – when the average full-time female employee stops earning for the year compared to the average full-time man. The pay gap for part-time workers and black, Asian and minority ethnic women is even higher. Frankly, it’s enraging. So this Equal Pay Day, Stylist is taking a stance. Our parent company Shortlist Media is giving all female employees the option of leaving early on 10 November – 18% early, in fact – in recognition of the UK’s 18.1%* pay gap for full- and part-time women combined. And we want your companies to join us.

Of course, we’re not suggesting a few hours off work compensates for what is, without doubt, a far bigger issue. Our #equalpayday initiative is a simple but symbolic gesture; highlighting the contribution of women and raising awareness of one of the most important economic issues of the day. After all, closing the gender pay gap could add £150 billion to the UK’s GDP alone. Not to mention the benefit to both sexes of ensuring your work is equally valued.

At 3.34pm on 10 November, don’t email us. We’ll be busy posting pictures of our “free” time on Instagram using #equalpayday. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Get involved on equal pay day

How you and your company can help support our initiative

  • If you’re a business owner, give female employees the choice to leave early on 10 November. Based on the traditional working day of 9am-5pm, we’re calling this 3.34pm.
  • Alternatively, copy and paste our letter asking your company to support our campaign (find the letter below) and email it to your CEO, or simply show them this page.

On Thursday 10 November:

  • Copy and paste our suggested out of office email (see below) explaining why you’re not working after 3.34pm that day.
  • Change your profile picture on social media to one of our campaign logos (find them on Facebook and Twitter); then, at 3.34pm, turn on your out of office and leave work.
  • Tell us what you’re doing after 3.34pm, and the company you work for @StylistMagazine using #equalpayday.

Print this letter and show it to your CEO:

Dear CEO,

As you probably know, 10 November is #equalpayday, the day when British women in full-time employment stop earning for the year compared with men.

The pay gap is even greater for women who work part-time and even more again for black, Asian and minority ethnic women.

This year, to mark the day, Stylist magazine ( is asking the UK’s top firms to give female employees the choice to leave work early on 10 November – at 3.34pm*, in recognition of the 18.1% pay gap for full- and part-time women combined.

I’m writing to ask you to give women in our company permission to join in with Stylist’s activity, should they wish.

It would be a small but symbolic gesture, celebrating the contribution of women in our workforce who – at some point in their career – will have suffered as a result of the gap.

I realise that there are many causes for the pay gap, and that some progressive companies are beginning to tackle this. But it’s still predicted that it will take over 50 years to achieve parity. I would love our company to show its support for women and this issue by giving female staff the chance to participate in Stylist’s #equalpayday initiative on 10 November. You can find more information at and sign us up by emailing

Thank you for your time considering this issue.

Best wishes,

*Based on the traditional working day of 9am-5pm

Set this as your email signature when you're out of office:

Subject: It’s #equalpayday

Thanks for your email.

As today is #equalpayday, when women stop earning for the year compared with men, I’m now out of the office. My company is supporting Stylist’s #equalpayday campaign, and has given all female employees the choice to leave 18% early in recognition of the pay gap* to celebrate women’s contribution to our business. Normal service resumes tomorrow – though, for many, the pay gap will remain.

#equalpayday @stylistmagazine

*Based on figures from the ONS

*For full- and part-time women combined – calculated as 3.34pm based on the traditional working day of 9am-5pm 

Why they’re backing our campaign

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

“I want to do all I can to ensure women have the same opportunities as men in London so that their hard work and talent is fully and fairly recognised by employers. It is unacceptable that in London, one of the world’s greatest and most progressive cities, someone’s pay and career prospects can still be defined by their gender and I welcome Stylist magazine’s work to raise awareness of this important issue.”

Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director, The Equality Trust:

“Flexible working, time off to care for dependents and equal pay are the basics of any good workplace, and I'm delighted support Stylist’s #equalpayday activity to encourage others to embrace equality for all.”

Jemima Olchawski, Head of Policy and Insight at The Fawcett Society:

“At the current rate of progress it will take over 50 years to close the gender pay gap – none of us can afford to wait that long. So we’d encourage employers to get behind Stylist’s #equalpayday activity on November 10th, to raise awareness, and show appreciation for women in the workforce.”

Marylyn Haines Evans, NFWI Public Affairs Chair of The Women’s Institute:

“WI members have been campaigning for equal pay for women since 1943 so whilst we continue to repeat our calls for parity, we are proud to stand with Stylist as they continue to demand equal pay for equal work now.”