The surprise connection between Eurovision and Love Actually

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All these years later, and Love Actually still manages to surprise us…

Love Actually first hit our screens way back in 2003, bringing with it a plethora of important love lessons (never trust someone who buys you a Joni Mitchell CD – fact), iconic quotes, questionable romantic gestures and incredible music.

Best of all, Richard Curtis’ unashamedly mushy film gave us plenty of lovable characters. Every single Christmas, we’ve cried with Emma Thompson’s Karen, rushed through the airport with Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Sam, served up chocolate biscuits with Martine McCutcheon’s Natalie, nursed an office crush with Laura Linney’s Sarah, raised eyebrows everywhere with Bill Nighy’s Billy Mack, and tackled grief head-on with Liam Neeson’s Daniel.

Then, of course, there’s the fascinating “love in any language” relationship between Colin Firth’s Jamie and Lúcia Moniz’s Aurelia.

Here’s a brief reminder of their big moment. Just in case.

Of course, we know that the characters are up to nowadays, thanks to last year’s Red Nose Day Actually skit: the pair are still together, absolutely loved up, and Jamie has learned to speak Portuguese. They have three kids together – with the added bombshell that Aurelia that she’s pregnant again.

The years before their chance meeting at his French writer’s retreat, though, have always remained something of a mystery. Except for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, that is.

Some seven years before the original Love Actually movie hit the big screen, Moniz represented Portugal at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Oslo.

And, while O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor, or My Heart Has No Colour, didn’t win the coveted trophy for Portugal (Ireland were victorious that year), the oh-so-catchy love song place Moniz in a very respectable sixth place.

You can check out her performance below.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Grand Final takes place on Saturday, May 12th. You’ll be able to watch the show live on BBC1 from 8pm with Graham Norton on the night, or you can tune in on BBC Radio 2 with Ken Bruce from 8pm.

The running order is as follows:

1. Ukraine

2. Spain

3. Slovenia

4. Lithuania

5. Austria

6. Estonia

7. Norway

8. Portugal

9. United Kingdom

10. Serbia

11. Germany

12. Albania

13. France

14. Czech Republic

15. Denmark

16. Australia

17. Finland

18. Bulgaria

19. Moldova

20. Sweden

21. Hungary

22. Israel

23. Netherlands

24. Ireland

25. Cyprus

26. Italy

And, for those thinking of placing a bet, the current favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is Cyprus’ Eleni Foureira.

Her song (see the video above) is called Fuego, which means fire. We shall wait to see if it lives up to its name…

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