This 'everyday love' thread on Twitter will reaffirm your faith in relationships

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Life isn’t always peachy, whether you’re in a relationship or not. But a new Twitter thread on unsung moments of love is an ode to the human spirit

Relationships are one of life’s major minefields: a veritable storm of regret, uncertainty and brewing resentment.

So, it does well to remember that, while love is rarely one long Clintons card cliché, there can be sweet moments along the way.

These often arise from small and frankly mundane gestures. 

Things like your partner taking the bin out when it’s actually your turn but you’re frazzled by a 10-hour shift in the office. 

Or your lover holding your hair back and bringing you endless Lemsips when you come down with a nasty bout of ‘flu (#romance). 

Love - it’s in the little things

A new thread on Twitter started by Metro reporter Hattie Gladwell captures this type of love exactly, in an impromptu tribute to the power of the human spirit.

Earlier this week, Gladwell put a request out on the platform, asking people for “the one thing your partner does that’s not necessarily romantic but makes you love them a bit more.”

For example, she said, “Mine runs me a bath every night without asking and puts the kettle on in the morning”.

Her appeal quickly drew a flood of anecdotes, in a moving testimony to the non-glamorous side of love:

The focus here is on romantic relationships, but really the stories shared could extend to any relationship in life, from uni friends to siblings and beyond.

Because however you choose to live (and these days, more of us are opting to stay single), it’s the little things that connect us and draw us together.

No-one’s life is a Hollywood movie but true love does exist - it just sometimes looks different to how we might imagine.

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