Everything you need to create the perfect indulgent bath

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Helen Booth
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A long, hot bath is one of life’s greatest little pleasures. If you want to take yours to the next level, make sure you have a few of these luxurious additions nearby for an extra dose of stress-relief. 

Soothing candles

Let’s start with the obvious. Everyone knows that low lighting and a relaxing fragrance make for the best bathing experience, right? For that, you need a candle that will burn evenly, a scent that will linger in the air, and packaging that will look good on your bathroom counter. We’ve found it all in this stylish offering from Freight Store.

Rosemary & wild flowers candle, £32,

Pampered plants

Bathroom plants are kind of a big deal right now. They add a dose of greenery to an otherwise utilitarian space, tap into the current trend for bohemian interiors, and improve the air quality while you soak. According to experts, the best plants for the bathroom are those which have low light requirements – head to Patch for a carefully curated selection.

Hedera helix (pictured below, bottom left), £6.00,

Relaxing music

For an authentic spa experience, try playing some ambient instrumental music that will soothe your nerves and help you forget any lingering stress from earlier in the day. Spotify has plenty of meditation playlists that fit the bill, and you can safely stream one in the bathroom with a little help from this water resistant speaker.

TaoTronics water resistant speaker, £14.99,

Soaks and salts

For a bath that doubles as a spa treatment, forget the moisture-sapping bubble bath and try some hydrating bath salts instead. The Himalayan pink salts in this small batch blend made by Nathalie Bond Organics are packed with minerals, and vegan-friendly too.

Rose geranium & patchouli bath salts, £15.50,

Multitasking exfoliant

If the winter months have left your skin feeling dry, sensitive and itchy, you’ll find instant relief in this soothing almond milk and kaolin clay soak which doubles up as an exfoliant (just rub a small amount directly on your skin to tackle any problem areas). Even better, it’s infused with black cardamom, and has a scent that will leave both you and your bathroom smelling amazing.

Almond milk bath soak with black cardamom, £25,

Face time

Got a face mask that you’ve been meaning to try for ages? Satisfy your need to multitask by popping it on while you bathe. The steamy environment will give your skin an extra boost of moisture, and it’s easy to clean up afterwards if you’re already in the tub.

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet in pineapple, £4,

Practical storage

If you’re anything like us, your luxurious bath won’t feel complete without a good book and an even better glass of wine. To avoid juggling your wine glass, book and bathing products while you’re trying to relax, invest instead in a practical and aesthetically pleasing bath tray.

Ko Pi Pi bath tray, £27.99,

Finishing touches

When you’re finally ready to rise from your relaxing bath, do your best to lock in the moisture and minerals from your soak by applying some hydrating body oil to your skin while it’s still wet. Pat away the excess oil with a towel, and enjoy the sensation of soft skin and lingering whiff of jasmine long after spa time is over.

Jasmine body oil by Herbivore Botanicals, £37,

Main image: Anthony Tran / Unsplash