Everything you need to know about the new Captain Marvel trailer

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Here’s your first look at Marvel’s most female-friendly film…

In Captain Marvel, Brie Larson plays a United States Air Force pilot Carol Danvers who gains the powers of super strength, energy projection and flight after an accident which fuses her DNA with alien matter.

The teaser trailer landed at 1pm UK time, and immediately jumped on by excited fans, keen to analyse every detail. 

Check it out for yourself below:

Of course, the trailer didn’t exactly come as a surprise to fans. In fact, shortly before the release, Larson tweeted to Entertainment Weekly: “Hey @EW, I’m bored. Wanna break the internet?”

And she certainly has done just that. But why the excitement? Well, Captain Marvel is a big superhero film taken from a comic book (the kind of movie that always has a large strong fanbase), but it’s also the very first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to centre on a female character. If you’ve ever watched any of The Avengers franchise and wondered why Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor got to have their own solo films, but Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow did not, then this is for you.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the name given to the series of films featuring superheroes and all based around the comic books published by Marvel Comics. But despite being the 21st film in the franchise, it’s the very first one to centre on a female character.

The very first MCU film was Iron Man in 2008, which made well over £450 million ($583 million). The Universe also includes all the Avengers films (2015’s Age of Ultron made well over £1 billion), and The Guardians of the Galaxy series (last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 made £666 million).

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

These are huge, expensive, influential films. They are costly to produce, but they also make money for everyone involved and are seen by billions of people worldwide. Until now they’ve been focused on and created by men.

But in Captain Marvel, there are more women involved than the lead actress playing the title character. There’s director Anna Boden (who is co-directing with her long-term collaborator Ryan K. Fleck); score composer Pinar Toprak; senior executive Cassidy Lange, co-president of production at MGM and writers Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

“It’s been all female voices, throughout, which I think is so exciting,” Robertson-Dworet told entertainment publication Collider.

Following the huge successes of the female-focused Wonder Woman (one of the films based on a character from DC Comics, home of Superman and a rival to Marvel), or of Black Panther (Marvel’s first film to centre on characters of colour) of it’s amazing to see the entertainment industry waking up diversity. Because diversity doesn’t just mean greater representation for everyone, it also means better stories.

Brie Larson, we’re looking forward to see what you make of the captain. 

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