These Father's Day cards for mums celebrate the woman who brought you up singlehandedly

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Jasmine Andersson
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When it comes to Father’s Day cards, a roster of thin pieces of cardboard featuring images of cricket matches, excessively large gardening tools and a collage of badly drawn footballs tends to spring to mind.

And nestling within the stale stereotypes of what men are supposed to be comes a two-dimensional image of what a family is supposed to look like.

That’s when Stevie Rowing-Parker, who was brought up by his mum in a single-parent household, decided to channel his frustrations into a creative project and make the Happy Father’s Day Mum range, a selection of greeting cards to celebrate all of the parents playing the role of both mum and dad in their child’s life.

“My mum is an amazing woman. When my dad died she raised us on her own. She wouldn’t spend a penny on herself so we never went without. She let us support whichever football team we wanted, something my dad never would have allowed,” said the card creator.

“She never dated because she didn’t want a man creating tension in our home when we were (very) awkward teenagers. And she encouraged us to be kind, hard-working and open-minded men. In short, she poured every last ounce of energy into giving us an amazing upbringing against all odds. And yet, on Father’s Day, I couldn’t help but think she still felt that somehow we’d gone without. Like not having a Dad had deprived us.”

He added: “So I set myself the mission of turning Father’s Day from a sad day to a day to celebrate. A day for my brother and I to tell our single Mum how proud we are and how much we appreciate everything she’s done for us. That’s why I started Happy Father’s Day Mum.”

And if you’re not already tearing up at Rowing-Parker’s heart-warming dedication to his mum, you’ll be howling with laughter at some of the designs.


With Father’s Day on 18 June this year, we wish you luck in catching that final first class post.

Images: Happy Father’s Day Mum/Charlotte Bland


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