Father’s day gifts 2019: unique ideas for music fans, foodies and everything in between

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Welcome to the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide, packed with thoughtful ideas for foodies, fashionistas and music fans. 

Finding a genuinely good Father’s Day gift can be a bit of struggle sometimes. What to get them, eh? It’s a mystery that stumps us every year. 

In theory we know what we’re looking for: something thoughtful, something unique and something our dads probably wouldn’t treat themselves to. And so below we’ve done our best to stick to this checklist, all while paying tribute to your dad’s biggest passions in life, too.

From the father whose known for being a foodie, to the music fan and die-hard tea drinker, we’ve scoped out some of our favourite stores and brands to find actually good Father’s Day gifts he won’t pick up in the local supermarket anytime soon. 

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Check out our thoughtful and unique Father’s Day gift guide, which hopefully has something that will make your dad smile on his special day. 

  • For the stylish sleeper

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Desmond & Dempsey pajamas
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Desmond & Dempsey pajamas 

    Call us creatively lacking, but we think a quality pair of pajamas always make a beautiful gift, and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this 100% cotton Desmond & Dempsey set.

    Inspired by Picasso’s dove of peace, the print was created in-house using ink on paper and set on navy for a calming feel. 

    £175, Desmond & Dempsey

  • For the man who needs his bathroom cabinet updating

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Austin Austin soap
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Austin Austin soap

    If your dad isn’t particularly au fait with keeping his toiletries in check, Austin Austin is the perfect brand to introduce him to. Luxe but understated, this neroli and petitgrain body soap not only smells divine but is made from 100% recycled materials.

    £16, Austin Austin 

  • For the tech enthusiast

    Father's day gifts 2019: Google Pixel 3a
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Google Pixel 3a

    If you really feel like splashing out on your dad this Father’s Day, getting him the Google Pixel 3a will absolutely bowl him over.

    As with anything Google touches, the features and functions are super impressive, including a battery that not only lasts all day but gives seven hours of charge in 15 minutes, unlimited photo storage and an unbelievable camera. Considering how fancy this phone is we were also pleasantly surprised to find out it’s one of Google’s most reasonably priced. 

    Google Store, from £399

  • For the whisky buff

    Father's day gifts 2019: Royal Salute 21 Year Old
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Royal Salute 21 Year Old

    This very special whisky is a blend of rare Scotch whiskies, including precious whiskies carefully watched over at the Royal Salute Vault. It comes in a beautiful flagon and is a classic style, said to have orange marmalade flavours infused with fresh pears as well as a rich medley of spices and a nuttiness of hazelnuts.

    £116, Whisky Exchange 

  • For the man who likes the finer things in life

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Fortnum and Mason hamper
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Fortnum and Mason hamper

    You literally cannot go wrong with a Fortnum & Mason hamper when it comes to Father’s Day, because really, who wouldn’t be delighted to receive of these collections of loveliness? 

    The Father’s Day Feast hamper was created exactly for this purpose. Inside you’ll find a cute striped apron, two bottles of wine, beer and chilli mustard, hot peach chutney, biscuits, blueberry preserve, truffles, a selection of sauces and amaretto, apricot and almond loaf cake. 

    £150, Fortnum & Mason

  • For the man who already has it all

    Father's Day gifts 2019: black belt
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: black belt 

    What do you get your old man when he already has everything he wants? This quality, smart-looking black belt is a simple but well thought out present that could just save you from last minute panic buy. 

    £12.99, T K Maxx

  • For the list maker

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Gentleman’s notebook

    Stylish, sophisticated and sleek, this gentleman’s notebook not only looks great, but has a slight twinge of humour to it. The devil’s in the details here, with lizard-embossed card covering the casing, gold edged pages and a grosgrain ribbon page marker. It’s an instant winner. 

    £15, Wolf & Badger 

  • For the man who knows his place is in the kitchen

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: novelty oven gloves

    We love these quirky oven gloves designed by Stuart Gardiner with a pair of tattooed hands that hide the secrets to being the head chef. 

    They’re fun, funny and look much better than those burnt, holey, gingham ones he’s currently got hanging from the stove. 

    £24, Wolf & Badger

  • For the hard-to-please

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Emma Bridgewater mug

    Who doesn’t like a lovely mug? Fine, it’s not the most ground-breaking idea we’ve ever had, but if your dad is hard to buy for, we think there’s no way this won’t bring a smile to his face. It’s sweet in sentiment, beautifully designed and it’s all his. Before you know it he’ll be refusing to have his morning coffee out of anything else. 

    If this Papa Bear design isn’t quite right for your pops, there’s loads to choose from including personalised options too. 

    £14.95 (it’s on sale!), Emma Bridgewater

  • For the wannabe mixologist

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Slingsby gin
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Slingsby gin

    If your dad likes to think he’s the hostess with the mostess, this gooseberry gin from Slingsby will set his dinner party cocktails apart the rest.

    £39.99, Slingsby 

  • For the Gordon Ramsey wannabe

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Google Home mini
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Google Home mini

    The Google Home Mini is like giving your dad a talking recipe book, which he can ask for help while he’s cooking, giving him the freedom to try out some new creative dishes and you the chance to eat them, of course.

    It’s also super handy for checking the news, weather and pretty much anything you need to Google, without having to lift a finger, so top points for practicality. 

    £49, John Lewis

  • For the vintage car lover

    Father's Day gifts 2019: Classic car biscuits
    Father’s Day gifts 2019: Classic car biscuits

    How cute are these classic car gingerbread biscuits? Not only are they very visually appealing, they’re from iconic British store Fortnum & Mason, so guaranteed to taste delicious. 

    £28.95, Fortnum & Mason 

  • For the dapper Dan

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Elemis travel set

    If your dad takes his grooming seriously, or if he could do with a little help taking care of his looks, this Elemis kit is a no-brainer. Even if he’s a little clueless when it comes to cosmetic brands we reckon he’ll know Elemis, and once he’s used it the quality of the products speak for themselves. 

    The luxury travel collection includes five award-winning products: skin soothe shave gel, deep cleanse facial wash, sharp shower body wash, instant refreshing gel, daily moisture boost and is worth £63.

    £45, Elemis

  • For the interiors magpie

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Bowler hat lamp

    This gentleman’s bowler hat is a cool addition to the hallway of any house, and thanks to that enclosed bulb, it also creates a wonderfully atmospheric glow. 

    £295, Design Museum Shop

  • For the sharp dresser

    Actually good Father's Day gifts
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Linen blue shirt

    This navy linen shirt is one of those pieces that’s pretty much guaranteed to look good on everyone. Koy Clothing has worked hard to create a soft and light material that will keep the wearer cool in summer, and features lovely details like  authentic African fabric ‘Kikoy’ on the inside collar, cuff and gusset as a nod to the ‘Kamba’ tribe of Kenya which as inspired the brand.

     Plus 5% of every sale going back into carefully selected community projects in Kenya, which is another good reason to give the brand your support. 

    £85, Wolf & Badger 

  • For the big Bowie fan

    Father's day gifts 2019: David Bowie print
    Father’s day gifts 2019: David Bowie print

    He was probably the soundtrack to at least one chapter of your dad’s younger years, and this glorious signed print is not only exclusive and thoughtful, it looks fabulous too. 

    £1920, David Bowie in Yellow Suit by Terry O’Neill - limited edition signed print at V&A

  • For the 9 to 5-er

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: novelty sharpener 

    Who doesn’t like a present they can take into work and show off to their colleagues, boasting what a lovely daughter they’ve got all the while, eh? This may just be a pencil sharpener, but it’s the coolest pencil sharpener we reckon your dad’s desk has ever seen. 

    £16.90, Folk Interiors 

  • For the man who has an appreciation for music

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: aHead headphones             

    We have to admit, our main draw towards these headphones was their soft grey hue, gold detailing and chic leather finish, but when it comes to the technical stuff, they’re a winner too. 

    These high performing headphones have up to 14 hours playback time with noise and echo reduction and on-ear control panel, which will allow your dad to manage the volume, as well as answer and end phone calls.

    £89, Amara

  • For the die-hard tea drinker

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: OFFBLAK tea             

    If your dad is sold on his Yorkshire Tea, tell him it’s time to live a little. OFFBLAK is the coolest tea brand going, packaged pretty enough to sit on the kitchen worktop, not in the cupboard. 

    We particularly like the strawberry and pink pepper flavour, but there’s loads to choose from. 

    £4.99, OFFBLAK

  • For the alcohol aficionado

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Spismith gin subscription              

    Sipsmith’s gin has been heralded as some of the best, and this subscription service means your dad will always have some in the cupboard for when you pop round. 

    Every other month, the boutique gin brand bottles its favourites and send them out to Sipping Society members, letting them try exciting new flavours alongside classics.

    £35 bi-monthly, Sipsmith 

  • For the culture vulture

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: National Art Pass             

    Why give a set of tickets to an upcoming exhibition when you could gift someone a year’s worth of must-see culture? The National Art Pass works with 240 museums to grant card-holders access to loads of shows, as well as 50% off major exhibitions at venues like The Tate. 

    £70, National Art Pass

  • For the foodie

    Father's day gifts 2019
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Ottolenghi food hamper  

    If your dad loves nothing more than tucking into some exclusive grub, we reckon this Ottolenghi hamper will have him smiling from ear to ear. The classic includes rye biscuits, preserved lemon and chilli olives, chilli and coriander chutney, lavosh, rosemary spiced nuts, grissini, lemon myrtle salt, seeds for salad, Ottolenghi marshmallows, ANZAC biscuits, dark chocolate, pistachio and raspberry brittle, raspberry and morello cherry jam and Ottolenghi nougat. 

    £75, Ottolenghi

  • For the fashionista

    Father's day gifts 2019:
    Father’s day gifts 2019: Liberty London tie

    Okay, even if your dad isn’t forever browsing the fashion pages, we think he’d be hard-pressed to fault this adorable tie from Liberty London. Using one of the brand’s iconic prints, Arthur’s Ark, this printed silk tie is perfect for any occasion and is probably cooler than any he has hanging in his wardrobe right now. 

    £110, Liberty London

Images: Courtesy of brands 


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